Participation in the Atlassian Certification Program is subject to the Candidate Agreement, the Code of Conduct, and policies & procedures described below.

More information can be found on our FAQ page.

Refund and rescheduling policies

Certification Exams, Pro Skills Badge Exams and Beta Exams (Testing Center or Online)

  • Cancel or reschedule an exam scheduled at least 48 hours before your appointment.
  • Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment within 48 hours of the original appointment will result in forfeiture of the paid exam fee.
  • Your exam fees paid by credit card will be fully refundable if you cancel more than 48 hours before your appointment. 
  • If you paid using a voucher, then if you cancel more than 48 hours before your appointment, your voucher will be restored for use. Otherwise, your voucher will be forfeited.
  • Plan ahead, because you must reschedule online by logging into the Atlassian Certification Portal.

Skills Badge Exams (Online Non-proctored)

  • Skills Badge exams are not proctored, so there are no late cancellation or late rescheduling fees.
  • Your exam fees paid by credit card will be fully refundable if you cancel your exam.
  • If you paid using a voucher, then if you cancel, your voucher will be restored for use.

Prohibition on sharing confidential information

  • As further set forth in the Candidate Agreement, all tests (including questions, answers and related materials) and any other information disclosed by Atlassian that is marked as confidential or proprietary is Atlassian’s confidential information and may be not shared, disclosed or reused. Prohibited activities include using or contributing to “brain dumps”. 
  • As further set forth in the Candidate Agreement, violation of any of these Program Policies can result in your suspension from the Atlassian certification program, revocation of your Atlassian certifications, notification to your employer and/or law enforcement, and/or other disciplinary actions as Atlassian deems appropriate in its discretion. Violation of these Program Policies will result in the forfeiture of all fees paid under the Candidate Agreement, and may result in additional fees due for services rendered.

Day of Exam Appointment at a Testing Center

  • Make sure to arrive on time for your appointment.  If you arrive late, the Test Center might not be able to accommodate you and you could forfeit your exam fee.
  • You must present two forms of identification at the Testing Center. 
  • One must be a government-issued photo ID that bears your signature. 
  • Using a passport is strongly recommended if you are taking a test outside your country of residence.
  • You will be asked to place all of your personal items, except your identification, in a locking cabinet or compartment. Personal belongings include bags, purses, keys, wallets, hats, briefcases, books, cell phones, calculators, portable electronic devices, watches and any weapons or firearms. We recommend leaving any item not needed for testing at home.

Scored and unscored questions

  • Your exam may contain unscored questions in addition to the scored questions, so the total number of questions that are presented to you may be greater than the number shown on the exam page. This is standard testing practice.
  • You will not know which questions are unscored.
  • If your exam contains unscored questions, the time allowed for the exam takes into consideration the time you will need to answer all questions and review your work.
  • Your exam results will reflect your performance on the scored questions only.

Atlassian exam voucher use policies

These policies apply to all purchasers and users of Atlassian Exam Vouchers. 

  • Vouchers are purchased or obtained from Atlassian as advance payment for a specific Atlassian exam registration. Upon registration for the exam with Atlassian or our testing partner, the voucher value is applied to the exam fee.
  • Each voucher has an expiration date, specified at the time of purchase, and must be used to complete the specified exam on or before the expiration date. Expiration dates will not be extended, and expired vouchers have no value and will not be replaced. Note that proctored exams must be scheduled in advance.
  • All purchases are final. Vouchers cannot be canceled, refunded, exchanged, replaced or used in combination with other offers. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash. Atlassian is not responsible for lost or stolen vouchers.
  • You may not transfer or resell vouchers.
    • There are two exceptions:  (1) If authorized by Atlassian, our Atlassian Partners may resell vouchers to exam takers. (2) Companies that are Atlassian customers may purchase vouchers to distribute at no cost to their employees. Use of such vouchers remains subject to these policies.
  • Participation in Atlassian’s credentials and testing program - including use of vouchers - is also subject to the Atlassian Candidate Agreement.
  • Any voucher that Atlassian determines to be modified, counterfeit or received or used in violation of these policies or the Atlassian Candidate Agreement is void. Among other disciplinary actions, Atlassian may cancel any exam registrations (or exam results or credentials) obtained using such vouchers, without liability to you.

Exam retake policy

  • You must wait 7 days to re-register for a failed Atlassian exam.
  • Failure to adhere to the waiting period may result in nullification of your exam results.
  • The retake policy applies in all circumstances, including cases where the first exam experience was unsatisfactory to the candidate due to an issue with test delivery.  For this reason, we advise you to plan carefully if you have a specific deadline by which you need to earn your credential.  This is particularly important when planning a maintenance activity to keep your Certification from expiring.

Score appeals

  • In general, Atlassian does not accept appeals of exam scores for any reason.  
  • The only exception is a case where you can identify a true error in a specific exam question, where the error caused you to miss a deserved point and earning that point would have placed you at the passing score.
  • Changes by Atlassian to Exam Topics, Passing Score, and Exam Time can be made with limited or no notice and are not sufficient grounds for appeal. 

Requirement to display the URL for your credentials

Sharing your credentials to LinkedIN, Twitter and Facebook from the Certification Portal automatically provides a live link to verify your credential, as does sharing your Transcript in badge mode or adding your digital badges to your email signature.

For platforms such as your website, when you display your credential title or logo, you must provide viewers with the URL to the Verification Window.

This requirement protects the value of your credential by ensuring that viewers can always verify Atlassian credentials with Atlassian in real time.

Obtain your credential's URL from the Certification Portal and link it to your credential in one of three ways on your website or online CV/resume:

  • Display your credential title with an HTML link to your credential's URL:  Atlassian Certified Confluence Administrator
  • Display the logo adjacent to text such as "Click here to view my credential."
  • Display the logo for your credential encoded with an HTML link to the credential's URL, so your credential's Verification Window will be displayed when the viewer clicks the logo:

Restrictions on residents and nationals of export restricted territories

In accordance with U.S. trade laws and regulations, individuals residing in the embargoed territories of the Crimea region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Sudan are prohibited from testing with Atlassian. Accordingly, the following conditions apply:

  • We cannot directly or indirectly accept payment from, nor directly or indirectly deliver exams to candidates residing in export restricted territories.
  • We cannot directly or indirectly accept payment from, nor directly or indirectly deliver exams to candidates who are nationals of export restricted territories, wherever located.
  • We cannot directly or indirectly accept payment from, nor directly or indirectly deliver exams to candidates who are on any U.S. Government export restricted or prohibited parties lists.
  • If anyone registered for an exam arrives at the test center with an ID from an export restricted territory, the candidate will be turned away and forfeit the exam fee.

Maintaining your Certifications and Badges

Your Certifications are active for 24 months. You extend them by earning related Pro Skills badges. 

Badges can be earned either before OR after getting Certified, but they only extend Certifications that you already hold. For this reason, you will need to plan the timing of your badges carefully.  If you earn a badge before you are Certified, then you will not be able to use that badge to maintain your Certification(s) later. 


  • Certifications are initially Active for 24 months.    
  • To extend the Active period of your Certification by 24 months, earn a related Atlassian Skills Badge or Pro Skills Badge.
  • If you do not extend your Certification before the Active period ends, your certification will become Suspended.  Suspension is a 3 month grace period and your last opportunity to extend your credential.
  • If you do not extend your Certification during the Suspension period, your Certification will expire.  After this, you can earn it again only by passing the exam.    

Atlassian Skills Badges and Pro Skills Badges

  • Anyone is eligible to earn Atlassian Skills Badges and Pro Skills Badges. You do not need to be Certified.
  • If you are Certified, earning a Skills Badge or Pro Skills Badge extends the Active period of your related Certification(s) by 24 months from the Badge completion date.
  • Atlassian Badges are initially active for 24 months. Earning any new Skills Badge or Pro Skills Badge extends the Active period of your existing Badges by 24 months from the new Badge completion date.
  • If you do not extend your Badge before the Active period ends, your Badge will become Suspended. Suspension is a 3 month grace period and your last opportunity to extend your Badge.
  • Your Badges will expire permanently if you fail to earn at least one new Skills Badge or Pro Skills Badge every 24 months or before the Suspension period ends.

Code of conduct

When you become Atlassian Certified you join an elite group of highly skilled professionals who are recognized and endorsed by Atlassian. As a member of the Atlassian Certified community, you have a responsibility to maintain the value, credibility, and elite nature of Atlassian Certifications and Badges.


  • Conduct and comport myself professionally when acting in my Certified role.
  • Continue my efforts to gain knowledge and refine my skills in working with Atlassian technologies and solutions.
  • Act as a mentor to those around me who are working with Atlassian technologies and solutions, helping them become more skilled and capable in their roles.
  • Do all that I can to protect the integrity of the Atlassian Certification Program.


  • Cheat in any way on an Atlassian Certification Program exam or assessment.
  • Compromise exam content by sharing exam questions directly or indirectly with other candidates or potential candidates.
  • Misrepresent myself as a credential holder when I have not completed or maintained the requirements for any Atlassian credential.
  • Share content or knowledge that might compromise the value of any Atlassian credential.