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Where is the FAQ for Training?

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How do I display my Certifications and Badges on Atlassian Community? Show

An email addresses in your Certification Portal account (either Personal Email or Work Email) must match the Atlassian ID on your Atlassian Community profile.

To get the most out of displaying your digital credentials on Atlassian Community, your first step should be to log in to the Certification Portal and check the 'Enable' box on the Digital Badges page. Next, log in to Atlassian Community and open your profile. Under "Display your Certifications', click 'Link your Account.'

How do I register and pay for Certification or Pro Skills Badge exams? Show

Certification and Pro Skills Badge exams are delivered and proctored online*.  Payment is typically made by individual test takers directly to the test delivery provider, using a credit card.  To learn about purchasing exam vouchers from Atlassian, skip to the next FAQ.

  • To register, you must first set up your profile in the Certification Portal.
  • After logging in to the Portal, you can schedule your exams.
  • Select the exam you want to take then choose testing center or online. 
  • Next, schedule your exam from the available appointment times.
  • Pay for your exams using a credit card (or a voucher if you have been provided with one). You will receive an email confirmation and receipt. 

*(If you cannot take the exam online, you have the option to take it in a testing center.)


Can my organization buy vouchers to pay for exams? Show

ACP Certification exams can be paid for with vouchers purchased from Atlassian. Read these important considerations before making a voucher purchase:

  • Voucher purchases from Atlassian are non-refundable.
  • Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment within 48 hours of the original appointment will result in forfeiture of the paid voucher fee.
  • Vouchers expire 365 days from purchase; the expiration cannot be extended and the voucher cannot be replaced.
  • Voucher purchased by training credits will have the same expiration date as the training credits’ expiration.
  • The exams must be scheduled and taken on or before the expiration date.
  • Use of vouchers is subject to our voucher use policies.

Are you thinking of purchasing vouchers only because you need an invoice showing your company's name and VAT ID?  You need not purchase vouchers in this case.  Each test taker can generate an invoice on the platform for exams they paid for with a credit card; the invoice can be customized with your company's name and VAT ID.

Atlassian University Training Portal accepts credit cards and Training Credits*:

  1. Vouchers can be purchased in quantities such as 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, and 20. 
  2. Go to the Atlassian University Training Portal. Add the product to your shopping cart. 
  3. After payment is processed, your voucher codes will be emailed to you. 

If you have more questions, please contact Certification Team at our Service Desk

How can employers verify an applicant's Certification? Show

Atlassian's Candidate Portal provides robust ways for job applicants to help employers verify their Atlassian Certifications.  

  • All legitimate methods of verification will include a URL that links viewers directly to a unique Verification Window in the Atlassian Certification Portal. 
  • Atlassian recommends that employers always check the online Verification Window to confirm the name of the Certification holder, and the title, dates and status of the Certification.
  • You can ask the applicant for a full transcript from the Certification Portal, or for simple verification of a single Certification.  When the applicant configures this for you, you will receive an email from the Certification Portal containing a code that will allow you to view the verification. 
  • If the applicant provides a PDF Certificate, it will include a printed URL and unique verification code. Visit the URL using the code to inspect the Verification Window.

If an employer has concerns about the validity of a Certification that has been provided to them by an applicant, the employer should raise an issue at our Service Desk.

What are the exams like? Show
  • The exams are delivered online in a timed session, so you should be prepared to work quickly. You can flag questions to bypass and return to later.
  • Most of the questions are multiple-choice, but there may also be matching style questions.
  • The questions may require a single or multiple responses; you should always provide as many responses as the question specifies.
  • There are no negative points for incorrect responses, so you should respond to every question to the best of your ability.
  • The questions are intended to be quite challenging. We present real-world scenarios about meeting requirements, troubleshooting and solving problems. You'll need experience with Atlassian products to be successful.


How should I prepare? Show

You'll need both experience and study to be fully prepared, because we test on your ability to use our products in a variety of environments and contexts.

Be sure to learn about the aspects of the product that are not part of your day-to-day work, and get hands-on practice with those aspects where possible.

We want you to succeed on your first attempt, so we strongly recommend a careful preparation strategy, even for those with many years of experience.   

  • Schedule time to prepare
  • Read all the Exam Details on the Atlassian Certification website
    • Do you fit the target audience description?
    • Do you have the recommended level of experience?
  • Download the Exam Topics
    • Critically analyze your proficiency across all the topics
    • Consult the product documentation to make sure you're aware of all the practices and functionalities that could fall under the scope of each topic
  • We recommend taking the Certification Prep OnDemand Training
    • Play the lectures, which help you understand how to prepare for every section of the exam
    • Work through the case studies and suggested hands-on practices
    • Go through the sample questions
  • Re-evaluate your readiness – identify those areas where you still need more study and practice 
    • Consult the documentation and other resources to learn about aspects of the product or role that you don't touch frequently
    • Form a study group to share the work and benefit from others' experience
    • Practice and hone your skills in a sandbox environment
What can I do in the Certification Portal? Show
  • Schedule and pay for your exams.
  • Share your credentials to social media sites, add digital badges to your email signature, and link your credentials on your website or your online CV/resume.
  • Share a transcript with third parties, such as potential employers.
  • Download an e-Certificate representing your credential.
  • Monitor your Certification's active dates.
Why can't I find a testing center location near me, or select any available dates and times at my location? Show

Some testing centers do not open dates very far in advance. You can contact Support to see if they can help. If you are having difficulties finding a testing center within a 100-mile radius, and/or available dates and times, please contact the Support Team for assistance. Please call 1-800-211-2754 or email

Do you provide special test-taking accommodations? Show

Atlassian will work with individuals with documented disabilities to provide reasonable and appropriate access to our exams, for example a separate testing room, a supervised break, or extra testing time.  Accommodations are considered on a case-by-case basis per exam appointment.  Submit a ticket to request special exam accommodations at least 2 weeks before your exam appointment at our Service Desk.

Is a beta exam the right choice for me? Show
  • Beta testers wait for their scores until after the beta period has ended. If you pass, you'll be among the very first certified on the new credential.
  • Betas are unscored versions of the exam; Atlassian uses betas to gather comments and data that enable us to select the best questions for the production exam.
  • Beta exams are of comparable length to the regular exams and have a similar number of questions.
  • Beta testers are expected to flag problematic exam questions; your input will help shape the exam. We offer betas at a discounted price or with special retake benefits in exchange for your extra effort.
How do I earn the Atlassian Certified Master designation? Show

Requirements for holding the Atlassian Certified Master credential are subject to change as new credentials are released.

You will become an Atlassian Certified Master when you hold four active Certifications as described below:

(Note: AC-JPA certification does not count toward ACM status.)

Choose 1 or 2 from:

Choose 0 or 1 from:

Choose 1, 2 or 3 from:

How can I showcase my new Atlassian Certifications? Show

We provide a lot of options for you to share your accomplishments. Log in to the Certification Portal to get started.

Your first stop should be to share your new credential on Atlassian Community -- see above for instructions on how to do that.

Download your e-Certificate for your ACP Credential

You can download an attractive certificate to put on your website, print and hang on your wall, or share with your managers and colleagues.

  • Select Certifications to see all your earned credentials.
  • Download the PDF Certificate from the link next to each of your ACP Certifications.

Share your Credentials to your social media stream

Digital badges represent your credentials online; when viewers click the shared badge icon, they will link directly to the Atlassian Certification database, and a 'verification' window will pop up showing details about your credential.

  • Select Digital Badges and follow the instructions to enable badging.
  • Click any of your Active Badges to view the badge details in a popup window.
  • Click an icon at the bottom of the popup window to share to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  (Your LinkedIn share will highlight your digital badge in your Activity Stream; it will not add it to your profile.)

Add your Certifications to your accomplishments in LinkedIn

Sharing your digital badge to LinkedIn (described above) will add it to your activity stream, but not to your profile.  Most people will also want to display their Certifications as accomplishments in their profile.

Add digital badges to your email signature

Specially encoded digital badges represent your credentials in your email signature; when viewers click the shared badge icon, they will link directly to the Atlassian Certification database, and a 'verification' window will pop up showing details about your credential.

  • Select Digital Badges then select Email Signature.
  • Select the badges you want in your signature and Preview them in size 'small' or 'medium'.
  • Supply your email address and click Submit.  The badges will be emailed to you, encoded for email platforms.
  • Follow the instructions in the email to copy and paste the encoded badges into your email signature.

Get a URL for a Credential for your website or online resume/CV

A URL can be used to link to a single credential. This is necessary for platforms that can't display your digital badge (i.e. they don't support the Open Badges standard), such as your website or online resume/CV.  

  • Select Digital Badges and follow the instructions to enable badging.
  • Click any of your Active Badges to view the badge details in a popup window.
  • Click the link icon at the bottom of the popup window.
  • Copy the URL that displays.
  • The URL needs to be placed on your website or online resume/CV where you represent your credential.

You can take some additional steps to replace the link with a linkable image that functions just like a digital badge:

  • Follow the steps above in "Add digital badges to your email signature" to get an email containing your badge images.
  • Copy the badge image and paste it into your website or online resume/CV.  At this point it is just a flat image file.
  • Add an HTML link to the image, using the URL to your badge.

Share multiple Credentials online or via email using a Transcript 

A Transcript lists ALL the exams and/or certifications you choose to display on it, and can be shared privately with third parties via email or posted online.

  • Select Share Transcripts then select Create New Transcript.
  • Choose display mode 'Badges' (recommended) then configure your desired Transcript properties, selecting the credentials you wish to display.
  • Click Update/Confirm.
  • Click the links displayed with your new Transcript to email a third party, generate a URL that you can add to your website or online resume/CV, or share to social media.
Can I retake the exam if I fail? Show

Yes, you can retake the exam, but you must wait at least 7 days to re-register. We recommend taking additional time to prepare, to maximize your chances of success. Retakes are the same price.

When will I receive my exam results? Show

You will receive your results via email immediately after you complete the exam (unless it is a beta exam).  However, it will take 24 to 48 hours from the time you completed the exam to update in the Certification Portal.  If you still don't see your updated records in the Certification Portal, please contact us at our Service Desk.

Will I be able to review my exam questions? Show

We are unable to provide access to the actual exam questions because that would compromise the security of the exam for others.

How do I reschedule my appointment? Show
  • You can reschedule your appointment online by logging in to the Certification Portal.

  • For Certification or Pro Skills Badge exams, cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours before your appointment. Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment within 48 hours of the original appointment will result in forfeiture of the paid exam fee.

  • If you show up too late to your exam appointment, you cannot reschedule and you are considered a no-show and will forfeit your full exam fee.

What if I miss my exam appointment? Show
  • You cannot reschedule after your appointment start time has passed.

  • If you miss your appointment and wish to reschedule, you must pay the full exam fee again and forfeit your initial fee.

  • Waivers of the fee will be considered in cases of accident, illness or bereavement if official documentation is provided (e.g., a doctor's note, accident report, etc.).

What are the terms of participation in the Atlassian Certification Program? Show

Every time you launch an exam, you'll be asked to agree to Atlassian's Certification Candidate Agreement. We recommend reviewing the agreement in advance.  Other polices are found on our Policies page.

I have more questions or need Certification support. Who do I contact? Show

More information can be found on our Policies page.

For additional questions, please raise a support ticket with our Certification Service Desk:

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