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APRA Prudential Standard CPS 234

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) oversees a number of financial institutions in Australia. Recognizing the increased momentum of cloud computing, APRA has provided guidance and compulsory engagement of financial institutions to uplift and maintain cyber security and governance within their organizations.

Based on its overview of outsourcing preparations concerning cloud computing offerings submitted to APRA, APRA posted specific guidance, on outsourcing concerning cloud computing offerings to assist regulated entities to investigate cloud companies and offering assurances of outsourcing to the cloud. When outsourcing, regulated establishments should additionally overview and bear in mind their ongoing compliance with APRA Prudential Standard CPS 234 Information Security.

Our APRA 234 outsourcing guidance offers specific mappings to each requirement and how Atlassian Cloud Enterprise assists you in meeting your obligations, including information on audit rights, the right to issue instructions, data security, termination, and chain outsourcing. To learn more about our commitment to safeguarding customer data, visit our Security Practices page.

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