Value stream management: Insights for incredible outcomes

Unleash your company’s full potential and quickly adapt to market changes with Atlassian’s value stream management (VSM) solution. Align people, processes, and data with end-to-end visibility of work happening across your organization. Improve productivity and speed, identify and remove bottlenecks, reduce waste and risk, and respond to opportunities with data-driven decisions.

Prioritize high-impact outcomes

Siloed data and communications channels at the team level cause leaders to wonder if corporate goals will be met. Atlassian’s VSM solution helps your enterprise connect teams and tools, optimize efficiency, organize around outcomes, and address tech debt and risk. Real-time visibility and reporting keeps teams focused on outcomes that move the needle.

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Improve predictability and product quality

Having reliable information at your fingertips is essential. Leaders need to make sure they are investing wisely and not losing market share to nimble competitors. DevOps teams lacking relevant data may go off-track. A single source of truth that combines data from diverse tools keeps everyone on track to deliver the software your customers really want.

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Get end-to-end visibility across your organization

From high-level insights to granular details, consolidate data from multiple sources to get the comprehensive reporting you need.

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Streamline processes and eliminate bottlenecks

Identify dependencies and roadblocks, automate manual tasks, remove unnecessary steps, and stop wasting resources.

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Measure the right things to set your team up for success

Analyze metrics that are important to you, like team efficiency, customer impact, and software reliability and performance.

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Bring business, DevOps and IT teams together to deliver customer value

Develop the innovative software your customers want - from concept through delivery - with shared data and cross-functional teams.

Get real-time insights and analysis

Currently overwhelmed with data sprawl, massive spreadsheets, or lengthy reports?  Slice and dice your data and get user-friendly charts and Kanban boards that meet the needs of leaders and teams.

Aggregate metrics across products, instances, and teams with Atlassian Analytics

Flow metrics

Ensure your organization has the right insights to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and team performance with Atlassian VSM.

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DORA metrics

Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your DevOps operations.

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View value streams, align work to strategic objectives, and measure value against effort with Jira Align

Value stream views

Get a holistic view of a value stream across teams and products. Identify bottlenecks, manage dependencies, and track how long it takes for ideas to be delivered.

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Value vs. effort

Track the outcomes of your business investments—and pivot toward the initiatives that move the needle.

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See how work being done across the organization contributes to your top business objectives.

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Empower your teams with the #1 tool for software teams, Jira Software

Jira Insights

Instantly see sprint progress and deployment insights right inside of Jira Software.

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Open toolchain

Connect Jira software to Bitbucket or your favorite CI/CD tool, automate workflows, enforce processes, and get deployment insights—all without ever having to switch tools.

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Atlassian’s value stream management solution

Jira Software Enterprise

Scale your team collaboration, get contextual insights to make better decisions, and automate across your heterogeneous toolchain with our enterprise edition of the #1 tool for software teams.

Jira Align

Visualize value streams across teams, set up process flow automation, and align work against your strategic business objectives. Track investments, streamline operations, uncover roadblocks, and deliver continuous value.

Enterprise Insights for Jira Align

Combine Jira Align data with data from third-party tools to understand value delivered and efficiency. Connect Enterprise Insights to Atlassian Analytics to create executive-level charts and dashboards.

Atlassian Analytics

Visualize data across your Atlassian toolchain for holistic insights across the value stream. Customize, share, and create dashboards with low-code/no-code options.

Experience the power of a connected data foundation

Connect your best-of-breed tools across your organization, enforce processes, and get the right insights to improve efficiency and value delivery.

Atlassian’s value stream management solution is powered by the Atlassian platform, providing:

  • Low-code, no-code visualization with Atlassian Analytics
  • Automation across your heterogeneous toolchain
  • Integrations with over 3,000 Marketplace apps
  • Enterprise-grade security and reliability
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We play nice with others

No single vendor can deliver everything your team needs to do value stream management. Build the toolchain that works for your team, thanks to integrations with leading vendors and Marketplace apps.

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overcoming obstacles

You’re in good hands

Get the guidance and services you need to establish your value stream management practice from our extensive network of Agile at Scale specialized partners.

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Atlassian joins the Value Stream Management Consortium

Learn how we’re strengthening our commitment to advancing value stream-centric ways of working.

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Atlassian joins the Value Stream Management Consortium

Learn how we’re strengthening our commitment to advancing value stream-centric ways of working.

Resources for Value Stream Management

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Value stream mapping

Need to define your value streams to jumpstart value stream management? Identify the steps and dependencies from idea generation through software delivery with value stream mapping.