Atlassian + Codefresh

Codefresh is a modern DevOps Automation Platform with comprehensive CI/CD pipelines and GitOps Dashboards that integrates with your existing tools and platforms to provide a full deployment solution for both containers and traditional applications.

Our newest integration enhances both the information provided in your GitOps deployments on Codefresh but also adds further details to your deployment history in Jira.

Atlassian + Codefresh
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Get an overview of where and when your Jira features were deployed

Understanding the full lifecycle of features and issues is critical in any software project. By using Codefresh and Jira together you can track your deployment environments and the features they contain

Track your deployment environments and features using Codefresh and Jira Software
Edit Jira issues directly from Codefresh

Annotate and edit Jira issues from your pipelines

Create/update your features directly from the CI/CD pipeline that affects them. Pass extra metadata to each Jira ticket as soon as it is processed/deployed by the respective pipeline

Rollback with confidence with all information at hand

Get a complete history of when/where each Jira ticket was deployed. Rollback to any previous revision and understand exactly which Jira tickets will be affected.

View history of deployments with associated Jira tickets

Why Codefresh and Atlassian?

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Know instantly which Jira feature was deployed to which environment

Understanding the status of each development environment and the features deployed on it is always one of the most important questions in a software delivery team. By plugging directly into the Jira deployments dashboard, Codefresh can present you with an exact history of all your deployments and the features they contain.

Create and updated Jira issues directly from your CI/CD platform

Codefresh pipelines are composable and customizable with multiple steps that clone source code, run unit tests, deploy containers and more. Get access to a dedicated Jira pipeline step that allows you to annotate your Jira issues right from the pipeline that deploys the respective feature. Automatically handle the lifecycle of a Jira ticket without any manual actions.

Rollback based on features instead of Git hashes

Rolling back to a previous Git hash is trivial but very confusing if you don’t know what features you are rolling back. Because Codefresh and Jira work together, you can see your deployment history with a combination of Git hash, Jira ticket(s) implemented, Pull Request number and so on. Go back to a previous release with the exact knowledge of the features that will be left out.


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CI/CD pipeline examples

Codefresh enables you to define the steps of your pipeline in a YAML file. Get started quickly with a collection of examples for Codefresh pipelines.

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Codefresh supports GitOps, a set of best-practices where the entire code delivery process is controlled via Git, including infrastructure and application definition as code.

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