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With you every step of the way

From the first program planning event to the first portfolio launch, Atlassian offers you the services you need to scale your organization’s success with Jira Align. We have the product and practice expertise you need to deliver immediate value to your teams and business leadership.

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Jira Align Onboarding Success

Your scaled agile transformation starts here

Every instance of Jira Align comes packaged with Onboarding Success, built to align your technology and teams from the start. You’ll work with an Onboarding Success specialist in the first few weeks of your Jira Align engagement to get set up for a successful journey.

Onboarding Success Activities:
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Connect Jira Align to your Team Tool

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Identify initial teams and programs to onboard to Jira Align

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Identify the people in your organization who will help roll out Jira Align, and divide roles and responsibilities

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Analyze your data for the next phases of work

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Share best practices for team tool setup

Learn more about how Onboarding Success accelerates early adoption of Jira Align.


Scaled Agile expertise to guide your transformation journey

Our Solutions Architect workshop packages are outcome-driven engagements to further your organization’s success with Jira Align and agile at scale transformation.

Each workshop is designed to address different phases of building and expanding upon your agile practice, and can be delivered by Atlassian Solutions Architects or by Jira Align-enabled Solutions Partners.

Solutions Architects

Solutions Architects help to model your organization, configure your full solution, and build your plan for Jira Align.

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Seasoned in product adoption and sharing proven deployment patterns

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Skilled as enterprise change agents and serve as enterprise transformation advisors

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Certified in industry-leading scaled agile frameworks

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Ready to guide in the adoption of industry standards across the entire Atlassian ecosystem

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Production jumpstart

Demonstrate the value of Jira Align with your data and teams

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Expand programs

Add 2-4 more programs beyond your Jumpstart experience

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Expand to portfolio

Incorporate current programs into your first portfolio

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Transformation team power up

Empower your transformation team to run independently

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Solution services module

Flexible modules to cover your agile transformation needs

Want to explore the workshop packages that best fit your growing engagement with Jira Align?

TAM and Premier Support

Best-in-class service for the agile enterprise

The Jira Align Enterprise Success Package gives you a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) for Jira Align for direct vendor guidance, insight, and access. You also get enhanced support coverage to ensure you have the most responsive support experience during critical incidents.

Experience peace-of-mind with the Enterprise Success Package:

Enterprise Success Package
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Cross-functional advisors on both practices and technology

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Proactive planning and strategic guidance for the adoption of Jira Align best practices

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Direct access to senior support engineers

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Faster resolution & escalation path

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Execution for scale and growth

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Jira Align TAMs serve as cross-functional advisors on both practices and technology, who provide proactive planning and strategic guidance for your organization’s understanding and adoption of best practices with Jira Align as you grow.

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Jira Align Premier Support provides direct access to a dedicated global team of Senior Support Engineers who are committed to delivering higher SLAs, faster triage, and faster resolutions for technical support issues.

Learn more about how our Enterprise Success Package can provide dedicated support and guidance for your Jira Align adoption success.

Atlassian University

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Product Training & Certification

Get definitive, hands-on training across the Atlassian product family. You’ll find essential Jira Align training alongside extensive training for Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence in the Atlassian University course catalog.

Atlassian University

Atlassian’s Training and Certification team works with our own product teams to create  definitive end-user training across the Atlassian product family—including Jira Align. You’ll find essential Jira Align training in the course catalog, along with extensive training for Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence.

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