Jira Align plans and pricing

Jira Align is an Enterprise Agile Planning solution for scaling agile practices and follows a slightly different pricing model than other Atlassian products. 

Is jira align right for you?

Jira Align customers typically have:


At least 500 developers using Jira (cloud, server, or data center) and 30 users minimum for Jira Align licenses


Established commitment and ongoing adoption of an agile at scale framework such as SAFe


Full executive sponsorship for agile transformation and an existing center of excellence established

Not quite there yet? No problem.

Looking to plan and track work across multiple teams and projects instead? Plans in Jira Premium might be for you.

Jira premium roadmaps

Ready to discuss your needs with one of our Enterprise Advocates?

  • Discuss your needs and user licenses
  • Learn about our advisory services to help get you started
  • Outline a joint success plan and timeframes


Features & Reports

  • Roadmaps
  • Kanban
  • Objectives
  • Program Board
  • Risks
  • Dependency Maps
  • Work Tree
  • Epic Financials
  • Value Engineering
  • Visioning & Ideation
  • Personas
  • Enhancement Portal
  • Mind Maps
  • Advanced Kanban
  • Portolio & Epic Balancing
  • Portfolio Financials
  • Invest Horizons
  • Value Streams
  • Bottom-up Forecasting
  • Resource Management
  • Included Team Tool Connectors

Work Levels

  • Defects
  • Tasks
  • Stories
  • Epics
  • Features
  • Themes
  • Capabilities
  • Goals
  • Strategies

Reporting Levels

  • Teams
  • Releases
  • Planning Intervals
  • Products
  • Org Structures

Room Access

  • Team Room
  • Program Room
  • Product Room
  • Portfolio Room
  • Strategy Room


  • Integrated Single Sign On
  • Encryption at REST

Enablement Framework

  • Automated Checklists
  • Definition of Done
  • Embedded Training Videos

Get 4x the number of users!

Jira Align has two types of users: Full and integrated. Full users have access to all of Jira Align's capabilities, while integrated users are those that perform their work in Jira or another team tool and whose work items are synchronized to Jira. Integrated users only need limited, team-level access to Jira Align.

You don't pay for the team-level users. That's right, we give you 4x that number of integrated users for free for each full Jira Align user!

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Pricing for Advisory Services are not included in the above pricing as pricing will vary based on your specific needs. Please view our Advisory Services page or speak with an Atlassian Enterprise Advocate for further details.

Advisory services to get the most from Jira Align with the help of product and practice experts

To ensure a successful agile transformation and software adoption, our Enterprise Advocate team will work with you to recommend a set of services that best fit your organization’s needs. During this consultation you will be able to more accurately understand pricing, deployment timelines, and specific requirements. 

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Frequently asked questions

How is our pricing structured? Copy link to heading Copied! show +

There are three components to Jira Align pricing: Software and User Licensing (including the number of licenses purchased), the type of Advisory Services needed to best enable your success on the platform, and the level of desired technical support.

Do I need to buy onboarding services? Copy link to heading Copied! show +

Yes. Jira Align customers purchase a small set of basic configuration and training services to get started on the right foot. Scaling agile is about much more than just using our software, and our seasoned team of industry veterans will set you up for success quickly and hassle-free.

Do I need to pay for a year up-front? Copy link to heading Copied! show +

All Jira Align contracts are billed annually by default. Scaling Agile and transforming your team is no small feat, and we've learned from our customers that committing to a least a full year of using Jira Align to support your transformation makes teams more successful in the long run.

What is the ratio of Jira Align seats to Jira / Integrated seats? Copy link to heading Copied! show +

For each Jira Align seat, we provide four Jira / Integrated seats free of charge. These users can log in to Jira Align for team-level access.

What about customer support? Copy link to heading Copied! show +

All Jira Align customers have access to one of our dedicated customer support teams. Support includes an online Help Center that delivers an extensive, thorough, and continually updated knowledge base, as well as vibrant community channels that facilitate questions and answers about Jira Align.

Do I need to buy Jira Align for every Jira user in my environment? Copy link to heading Copied! show +

No. You only need Jira Align seats for Jira / integrated seats that are scope for your transformation or scaled agile initiative.