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Create enterprise-wide visibility and alignment with Jira Align connectors and APIs

Accelerate your transformation with the tools you already use

Disconnected team tooling can only get you so far. Ladder teams' work up to higher level objectives and strategies in Jira Align to get a complete picture.

Connect the tools you already have in place to Jira Align and create a powerful enterprise transformation and strategy management platform.

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Explore our team tool connectors

Tie teams and work to products, business capabilities, portfolios, strategies, and more in real-time.

Jira Software

Set up your organization for agile at scale without disrupting productive agile teams.

Microsoft Azure DevOps

Bring work items and issue tracking across different team tools into a single source of truth.

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"In our world, there's so much work that's spread out across many different environments. Jira Align allows us to pull it all together to tell a story with the data."

VP of Product, Agile Services and Delivery

Fortune 500 Insurance Company

Create integrated workflows across teams at scale

Link work across your dev & IT toolchain to enterprise strategy, planning, and delivery with our REST API.

DevOps workflows

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Continuous integration

Set up your organization for agile at scale without disrupting productive agile teams.

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Align delivery with strategy

Enable DevOps teams to strategically plan work in Jira Align and synchronize the results from teams via your favorite CI/CD tools.

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Make better decisions at every level

As teams complete their work in Jenkins, real-time information such as story and task completion is sent back to Jira Align for reporting at the Program, Portfolio, and Enterprise levels.

IT workflows

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Gain instant visibility into incident status

Set up your organization for agile at scale without disrupting productive agile teams.

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Track defects from start to resolution

Help teams accelerate the speed of identifying, tracking, reporting, and resolving defects.

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Make informed business decisions

With fully bidirectional data synchronization, deliver automated reporting and metrics at Release, Program, Portfolio, and Solution levels.

Chat workflows

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Communicate your work effortlessly

Configure channels for various delivery team workflows, and notifications are automatically pushed when changes are made.

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Choose the level of detail you need

Send updates on creation, editing, and state changes of stories, tasks and defects, keeping you up to date on release progress in real time.

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Get real-time notifications

Be the first to know when important changes are made and workflows are completed.

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We can help you move your data and get started quickly.

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