Unlock the power of your data with Enterprise Insights

Make faster, better-informed decisions about your agile teams, programs, and portfolios with our business intelligence add-on for Jira Align.

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Get the most value from your Jira Align data

Go beyond the included reports in Jira Align and slice and dice your data the way you want. Enterprise Insights makes it easier to bring your Jira Align data into your other business intelligence solutions such as visualization and reporting tools or an enterprise data lake.

Explore your data with greater control

Use your own visualization solutions, such as Tableau or Power BI, to browse your Jira Align data in one place.  Visualize and analyze the data, the way you need to, in order to answer the questions most important to your business.

Extend your existing data systems

Connect your data in Jira Align to other data sources in your organization and create visualizations completely unique to your stakeholders' needs.  See your data, fully in the context of your business.

Get smarter about data visualization

Bring your program and portfolio data together and visualize trends and patterns in real time. Reduce the amount of time it takes to create the reports you need and keep your organization informed and up-to-date at every level.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Enterprise Insights? Where does my data reside? Is it secure? We’ve got you covered. Get answers to the most-asked questions about Enterprise Insights in our FAQ.

Additional resources for Enterprise Insights

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Is your leadership in the dark? Turn on the lights with Enterprise Insights

Learn how Enterprise Insights provides you with a single source of truth for reporting across your organization’s heterogeneous toolchain with Enterprise Insights.

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Enterprise measurement and insights with Jira Align

Dive into reporting in Jira Align as well as custom reporting with Enterprise Insights to see the key business insights you can uncover from your data.

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