Jira Align Advisory Services

From the first program planning event to launching your first portfolio, you’re not alone on your journey to scaled agile success with Jira Align. We have the product and practice expertise you need to deliver immediate value to your teams and business leaders.

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Optimize value today for growth and scale tomorrow

Get started with a scaled agile practice bundle

Our bundles simplify the buying process and enable healthy, systematic expansion by incorporating and aligning the right blend of services with your organization's agile maturity level. They aim to support organizational growth, operational effectiveness, and the ability to drive customer outcomes.

Emerging Bundles

Expand your practice knowledge. Support your transformation at scale.

Designed for organizations with emerging agile-at-scale delivery processes, above the agile team level, looking to expand their practice knowledge and leverage an agile-at-scale platform to support their transformation at scale.

At Scale Bundles

Drive consistency and adoption of your practice. Advance your transformation at scale.

Designed for organizations with mature agile-at-scale experience, and various single scaling efforts, looking to drive coherent and consistent adoption of agile and agile-at-scale practices while building the infrastructure needed for broader scale.

Overall expected outcomes:

  • Establish visibility at the executive level into every agile team
  • Visibility from agile team to the Portfolio Execution level
  • Achieve demonstrative results during agile adoption
  • Accelerate your teams' adoption of agile
  • Improve operational performance
  • Increase certainty of delivery commitments

Overall expected outcomes:

  • Learn and build scaled agile practices
  • Fine-tune customer agile practices
  • Support both pre-PI Planning and PI -Planning events
  • Design a basic portfolio Intake process and roadmap

Included workshop packages

Program operating model alignment

Architect your Jira Align Platform and Processes

Production jumpstart

Demonstrate the value of Jira Align with your data and teams

Program Expansion

Elevate your performance and attain faster results by seamlessly depoying up to four new programs.

Portfolio fundamentals

Establish the Mechanics of Lean Portfolio Management

Portfolio Expansion

Extend usage to your first portfolio and lay a foundation for future growth and expansion.

Transformation acceleration

Empower your transformation team to accelerate your transformation plans and optimize your team of teams with Jira Align

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Need additional assistance scaling your practice?

We can offer additional assistance by estimating a general quantity of supporting services hours, based on your needs and interests, required for a broader Jira Align rollout. We’ve mapped individual workshop modules to pre-paid consulting hours for Jira Align. You simply review and confirm your module selection, and our services delivery team will take the reigns from there.

Onboarding Success

Scaled agile success starts here

Onboarding Success is a short-term engagement required for each new Jira Align deployment. During your first few weeks using Jira Align, an Onboarding Success specialist will work with you to map your teams, partners, process, data, and technology to an implementation plan.

Onboarding Success Activities:
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Connect Jira Align to your Team Tool

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Identify initial teams and programs to onboard to Jira Align

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Identify the people in your organization who will help roll out Jira Align, and divide roles and responsibilities

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Analyze your data for the next phases of work

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Share best practices for team tool setup

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Enterprise Success Package

TAM and Premier Support services are conveniently bundled together in the Enterprise Success Package. You get dedicated insights and support, allowing your teams to reduce procurement complexity with a single line item.

With the Enterprise Success Package you’ll receive all the benefits of a TAM plus direct access to a dedicated global team of Senior Support Engineers who are committed to delivering higher SLAs, faster triage, and faster resolutions for technical support issues.

Ready to connect your enterprise?