Automate Delivery

Deliver value to customers quickly and safely

What is Continuous Delivery?

Continuous delivery is a development practice where teams release quality software frequently and predictably from source code to production in an automated fashion. The goal is to have each change automatically deployed to production and into the hands of your customers quickly and safely. 

An online survey of 500 software and IT professionals found that:


of teams ship changes and receive customer feedback faster with a CI/CD solution.
Learn more about the benefits and challenges

Benefits of
Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery adds value in three areas - velocity, productivity, and sustainability of software development teams.

Increase velocity

Responsibly move software updates from development to production quickly by automating your process.

Enable productivity

Remove manual, tedious tasks and let your team focus on what matters: building great software.

Secure sustainability

Automation gives companies a competitive advantage by responding to customer's need quicker and innovating faster.

Challenges of adopting
Continuous Delivery

Although there are upsides to adopting CI/CD practices, teams can struggle with the complexities and increasing speed.


Most CI/CD tools are difficult to set up, update, and maintain, often times requiring custom knowledge from a specialized group of people.


As development speed increases, teams find they lack visibility into what is being developed, deployed and released, where and by whom.


Errors happen. Teams need to quickly be able to track all the changes to fix issues fast.


of teams say manual testing prevents them from releasing faster.

See how Bitbucket's continuous delivery solution, Bitbucket Pipelines, and it's new integration with Jira Software are helping teams overcome these challenges.

Increase velocity
with continuous visibility

Watch your team's work in Jira Software come to life by connecting Bitbucket Pipelines, our continuous delivery solution. End-to-end visibility gives your teams clarity and confidence throughout the entire delivery lifecycle.

Automate delivery with Bitbucket Pipelines and Deployments


Easy setup and configuration

No CI servers to set up, user management to configure, or repos to synchronize. Just enable Pipelines within Bitbucket with a few simple clicks.


Build and test automatically

Get build status everywhere you need it - on pull requests, commits, branches, in your team's chat room and now in Jira Software.


Deploy with confidence

The deployment dashboard gives you one place to see which version of your software is running in each environment. Preview deployments prior to pushing them to the next environment.

"We accelerate release cycles from once per month to twice per week, allowing QA and product teams to test early and get customer feedback quickly."


Continuous visibility from
dev to release

As your team ships faster, balance new speed with control by bringing development and release visibility to Jira Software. 

Context on deployments

View associated Jira issues from the deployment preview in Bitbucket Deployments.

Be confident in your releases

Get full context by opening the Jira issue from within Bitbucket.

Release status at your fingertips

From Jira Software, view the release status of associated commits in Bitbucket from the issues view.

See the full history of releases

By clicking the release status, see when the associated commits were deployed to different environments in Bitbucket.

An end-to-end delivery solution

Continuous visibility from backlog to release

Release faster with Jira and Bitbucket

Read more on how the Jira and Bitbucket integration helps teams release faster. 

How to get started with CI/CD

Five steps to adopting continuous integration and automated testing. 

Learn more about Bitbucket Pipelines

Integrated CI/CD for Bitbucket Cloud that's trivial to set up, automating your code from test to production.