HipChat Licensing and Purchasing

Our FAQ contains the most frequently asked questions relating to our licensing and pricing. Of course, if you would like to talk to us directly, please contact our Sales Team.

Server Licenses

1. What is HipChat Server?

HipChat Server is a self-hosted, enterprise chat solution that you can run on your own network. HipChat Server has all the great features of HipChat Cloud, with persistent chat rooms, file sharing, one-to-one video chat, screen sharing, and of course emoticons! All hosted on your own network and able to be integrated with your existing user management. 

2. How do I evaluate HipChat Server?

You can evaluate HipChat Server for 30 days by generating an evaluation license through your My Atlassian account. The HipChat Server download file can be found here


3. What does HipChat Server cost?

HipChat Server is an annual term license starting at $10 for 10 users. HipChat Server licenses do expire and are not perpetual like our other server licenses.

You can create a quote for a new license purchase through the Atlassian Store.


  Commercial Academic
1-10 Users US $10 US $10
11-25 Users US $1,800 US $900
26-50 Users US $3,300 US $1,650
51-100 Users US $6,000 US $3,000
101-250 Users US $12,000 US $6,000
251-500 Users US $16,000 US $8,000
501-1,000 Users US $24,000 US $12,000
1,001-2,000 Users US $48,000 US $24,000
2,001-5000 Users US $72,000 US $36,000
5,001+ Users Try HipChat Data Center (BETA)! Try HipChat Data Center (BETA)!

4. What does it cost to renew my HipChat Server license?

HipChat Server is an annual term license. To continue using your HipChat server after your initial 12 months you will pay the same cost as the original term. See above for pricing.

5. What does it cost to upgrade my HipChat Server license?

HipChat server upgrades are charged at a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the term license. To determine the exact upgrade cost please use our online quote and order form here.

6. Do I get access to the HipChat source code?

No, HipChat Server does not include access to source code.

7. How do you define a HipChat user?

A HipChat user is anyone that can login to HipChat server and chat.

8. Can I migrate from HipChat Server from HipChat Cloud?

You bet! Contact HipChat Server Support to help you export your data from HipChat Cloud. For more details, see the Exporting from HipChat Cloud KB article. 

Once you've got your data exported, import it into a HipChat Server deployment.

9. How is HipChat Server licensed?

A HipChat Server commercial/academic/starter license entitles you to:

  • Deploy a single instance of HipChat in a production environment on 1 server accessible by the number of users licensed
  • Unlimited chatrooms, one-to-one video chat, file and screen sharing
  • Annual Term use HipChat Server
  • Software maintenance for 12 months - including all updates and online support during local business hours

An academic license is available for qualified educational and academic institutions (learn more).

Please read the Atlassian Customer Agreement for more details.

Cloud Licenses

1. What is HipChat Cloud?

HipChat Cloud is our hosted offering for group and private chat, file sharing, and real time collaboration for your team. HipChat Cloud takes the worry out of managing and hosting the service and let you and your team focus on getting work done.


2. How much does HipChat Cloud cost?

HipChat Basic: Free for Unlimited Users

HipChat Plus: $2 per user/month

3. What's the difference between HipChat Basic and HipChat Plus?


HipChat Basic

Free for unlimited users

HipChat Plus

$2 per user/month

Mac, Window, iOS and Android Apps Supported  Supported
Group chat & IM Supported Supported
Guest access Supported Supported
Unlimited integrations Supported Supported
1-1 voice & video calling   Supported
1-1 screen sharing   Supported
History retention controls   Supported
File storage   Supported
Searchable message history   Supported


4. Can I evaluate HipChat Cloud?

Go ahead, kick the tires. You have full access to all the features of HipChat Plus for 30 days. We know you'll love it, that's why we don't ask for your credit card up front. After 30 days you will need to provide a credit card to continue using the Plus features. If you do nothing we will automatically move your team to our HipChat Basic plan. Get started here!

5. Can I pay yearly?

We're happy to accommodate customers looking for yearly billing. Just contact us to get your team set up.