Trademark Guidelines

We've developed these guidelines to ensure our company trademarks are properly displayed and remain undiluted across our customer, partner, and plugin ecosystems. Among the reasons our trademark guidelines are important include:

  • We want our brand and brand names to be associated with awesome tools that help every team unleash their full potential. The more focused the use of the brand, the more powerful it will be in the community.
  • More people and companies are building plugins and becoming partners or ambassadors of Atlassian and our products. They are asking for additional guidelines around how to market, design and brand their plugins and products so they (1) complement the Atlassian product "family", and (2) are distinct from from Atlassian products and brands while remaining part the Atlassian community.
  • We want to avoid potential conflicts that may arise. If your brand is not clearly differentiated, customers may struggle to identify who to work with or what to buy. As a way of protecting our brands, as well as the best interests of our 3rd party developers and customers, we are publishing these expanded guidelines.

Our Trademarks

Atlassian uses a number of terms and logos as active trademarks in branding its products and services, including those displayed in the chart below.  Atlassian has also registered or applied for registration of some of these trademarks in Australia, the United States, and other countries around the world. We have done this to protect and preserve the marks for our community of customers, developers, partners, and supporters for the benefit of everyone involved with Atlassian. By this we mean that people should be able to recognize when a product is from Atlassian.

Your use of the Atlassian trademarks must be consistent with these trademark guidelines, which include additional guidelines that may apply to you based on your relationship with Atlassian.  If you wish to use an Atlassian logo, the logo should be sourced from an official Atlassian site (e.g., Atlassian press kit, Atlassian design site, Trello design site), used without modification, and follow relevant usage guidelines (e.g., Atlassian logo guidelines and Trello logo guidelines).  

Although many of Atlassian’s trademarks are illustrated below for convenience, Atlassian’s trademark rights are not limited to the marks contained in the chart.  Atlassian monitors the use of its trademarks and reserves the right to request that third parties modify or terminate any use that violates these Guidelines, creates a likelihood of confusion, or dilutes Atlassian’s trademarks.

Word Mark

Logo Mark


Atlassian logo


Jira logo

Jira Software

Jira Software logo

Jira Service Management

Jira Service Desk logo

Jira Core

Jira Core logo

Jira Ops

Jira Ops logo


Statuspage logo


Opsgenie logo


Confluence logo


Trello logo


Bitbucket logo


Sourcetree logo


Bamboo logo


Crowd logo


Fisheye logo


Crucible logo

For Our Customers and the General Public

Atlassian embraces “fair use” of its trademarks.  As such, you may use the foregoing trademarks to identify Atlassian and its family of products, for example, in your website, blog, news article, or product review, without our written consent, as long as you use them without modification or deceptive intent and do not cause a likelihood of confusion between yourself and Atlassian’s brands.

For Our Partners and Vendors

Atlassian recognizes that there is a large ecosystem of authorized partners and vendors whose businesses are intertwined with the Atlassian brand.  Accordingly, Atlassian provides these guidelines to ensure that all parties are clear as to permissible uses of Atlassian’s trademarks.  As a general matter, our authorized partners and vendors have permission to use Atlassian’s trademarks to promote Atlassian and its products, or your own related products and services, provided that the trademarks are used in unmodified form in accordance with these guidelines, without deceptive intent, and without creating a likelihood of confusion between yourself and Atlassian’s brands.

Logos.  Atlassian logos are distinctive graphic renditions. You may use the Atlassian logo or product logos to promote Atlassian, its products, or your own related products or services, provided that the logos are duplicated exactly as shown in the preceding link, without any modification (aside from re-sizing), and without combining or transposing Atlassian’s logo with your own logo. You should also review the aforementioned logo usage guidelines to make sure the specifics of your use are appropriate. All other usages of the Atlassian logos require the written approval of Atlassian.

Naming.  In the Atlassian ecosystem, the Atlassian product names are often used in naming for compatible 3rd party products. Below are some guidelines for using Atlassian product naming conventions in your work:

  • It's okay to use Atlassian's trademarks in the name for your compatible software product .  However, it must be clear that your product is a third-party product and not a product offered by Atlassian.
  • For example: "Acme plugin for Jira®" is okay, whereas "Jira® plugin for Acme" is not. The former connotes a 3rd party plugin for Jira®, the latter connotes an Atlassian-developed tool.

Atlassian discourages its partners and vendors from using company names that includes Atlassian trademarks, as that leads to complications with the domain name restrictions discussed below.  

Domains.  Atlassian’s trademarks (or similar terms) should not be used in your domain name. This is misleading because it represents you as Atlassian. You may, however, use Atlassian trademarks in the URL path. Examples of approved third party domains include: and Examples of third party domains that are not approved include:,,,, and

Moreover, your website should look like your website, not ours. It should not borrow heavily from or closely resemble Atlassian's website or web properties. For the sake of customers and consumers, clearly distinguishable websites help everyone.

Additional Guidelines.  Please note that depending on your relationship with Atlassian, additional limitations may apply to your use of Atlassian’s trademarks.  In particular, Atlassian marketplace vendors are subject to the Atlassian Marketplace Vendor Agreement (note section 15 on Trademarks) and the Atlassian Brand Guidelines for Marketplace Vendors.  Atlassian authorized partners should review the terms of their agreements with Atlassian and the Partner Brand Guidelines posted on the Partner Portal for any additional limitations that may apply to the use of Atlassian trademarks.  Atlassian’s authorized partners and vendors are also subject to its Adwords Trademark Policy governing the use of Atlassian trademarks as keywords in search advertising.  The Atlassian Brand Guidelines for Marketplace Vendors, Partner Brand Guidelines, and Adwords Trademark Policy , as amended by Atlassian from time to time, are incorporated into these Trademark Guidelines in their entirety. 

Filing for Trademark Protection. While authorized Atlassian partners and vendors may use Atlassian marks and logos, subject to these Trademark Guidelines, to promote Atlassian and their related businesses, this permissible use does not confer any ownership over the Atlassian trademarks. As such, authorized partners and vendors should not file for legal protection for trademark that contains, or is confusingly similar to, any Atlassian mark or logo. For example, a marketplace app vendor may not file for a trademark on the name “Vendor App for Jira.”

Atlassian style

In addition to trademarks, Atlassian has developed artwork, screenshots, and imagery for our website and other web properties.  Atlassian's website "look" or "feel" should not be reproduced or mimicked for the same reasons cited above:  consumers can be confused about whether they're dealing with Atlassian or another company.  Similarly, Atlassian’s proprietary Charlie Sans font should not be used by third parties, including partners or vendors, unless it is included in materials provided by Atlassian and approved for third party use.  The Atlassian website and creative works embodied therein are the intellectual property of Atlassian.  Reproduction or "creative borrowing" of the website or of individual artworks, screenshots, or imagery without permission is a violation of Atlassian's copyright. 


Atlassian’s Trademark Guidelines were introduced at a point in time when some companies and individuals had already created product names that include the Atlassian trademarks in a manner that does not comply with the Guidelines. Companies and individuals using the Atlassian product trademarks by or before October 1, 2009 will not be required to change their already existing product names to comply with these Guidelines now or in the future. However, we do request that these companies and individuals give proper notice and attribution of the Atlassian trademarks, and that any new product name will follow these guidelines.

If you have any questions about the use of Atlassian marks or logos, please contact us at

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