Enterprise Support and Services Policy

Effective starting: August 1, 2023

This Enterprise Support and Services Policy (the “Policy”) governs Atlassian’s (“Atlassian”, “we” or “us”) provision of certain Additional Services and Training Credits in connection with its software and cloud offerings (“Atlassian Products”).  This Policy supplements the Atlassian Software License AgreementAtlassian Cloud Terms of Service, or a written agreement executed by Atlassian (each, the “Agreement”) and will control in event of a conflict with the Agreement relating to Additional Services.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, Section 3 (Training Credits) specifies additional terms that govern our provision of Courses and Training Credits (defined below).  Capitalized terms not defined in this Policy have the same meanings given to them in the Agreement, and “you” means the person or entity with a license or subscription to Atlassian Products as defined in the Agreement.

1.   Enterprise Support. If Enterprise Support services are included in the applicable Order, the following terms will also apply:

      1.1 Description of Enterprise Support Services. “Enterprise Support” refers to Atlassian’s Premier Support and Priority Support services. The description of the applicable Enterprise Support service, how it works, target Response Times, and coverage is located in the “Offering Details” for such service, which are located here for Premier Support services and here for Priority Support services.  Enterprise Support services are performed remotely via phone, screen shares, tickets, chat and other electronic means and will not include travel to or time spent on your site.  Enterprise Support does not include any software or software upgrades.  For the avoidance of doubt, services not included in the Offering Details are not Enterprise Support services.  The Offering Details and features are subject to change in accordance with the process set forth for changes to our policies in the Agreement.

      1.2 Requirement to be Current in Maintenance. Enterprise Support requests are limited to Atlassian Products that are covered under current and up-to-date maintenance periods.  If you request Enterprise Support coverage on an Atlassian Product that does not have a current and up-to-date maintenance period, then the request is excluded from the Enterprise Support offering until you bring your maintenance current.

      1.3 Support Period. The Support Period will be indicated in your Order and will expire on the date indicated in your account.  Upon expiration of the Support Period, you will no longer have access to Enterprise Support.  The Support Period may be renewed by mutual written agreement of the parties, but terms and conditions, including pricing, are subject to change.

      1.4 Onboarding Period. During an initial period after purchase, we will manually transition eligible tickets, calls, and support requests from standard support queues to the Enterprise Support queues until we configure the Required Information (as defined below) associated with your Enterprise Support account (the “Onboarding Period”).  During the Onboarding Period we will make reasonable efforts to meet the Response Times specified in the Offering Details.  We will continue to manually transition eligible support requests until we receive the Required Information from you and we configure it in our support systems.  “Required Information” means (i) in the case of Premier Support, named contacts and domains; or (ii) in the case of Priority Support, SEN numbers.

      1.5 Publicity. Upon mutual written agreement of the parties, you agree to be featured as the subject of a case study testimonial or white paper written by us as described in this Section 1.5.  The testimonial or white paper will discuss your experience with Enterprise Support and may be published on our website, distributed in our marketing materials, or published in relevant media outlets.  You will have the right to approve such materials in advance, such approval not to be unreasonably delayed or withheld.

2.  Atlassian Advisory Services.  Atlassian Advisory Services (“Advisory Services”) is a services offering from Atlassian that includes both (a) standalone solution-oriented service offerings (such as plays, assessments and workshops) (“Catalog Services”) and (b) subscription-based, tiered services offerings (“Subscription Services”), which, for certain subscription tiers, may also include access to Catalog Services.  A full description of the Advisory Services offerings is available at (including any successor site), which description we may update from time to time, and the scope of your Advisory Services is indicated in your Order for Advisory Services and in the applicable Advisory Services datasheet (available via the link above).  As discussed below, parts of this Section 2 apply to both types of Advisory Service, while other parts are specific to a particular service.

     2.1 Advisory Services Term. Subject to Section 2.4(a) below, the term of your Advisory Services begins on the start date indicated in your Order and will continue until expiration of the Advisory Services term set forth in that Order.  Upon expiration of your Advisory Services term, any unused services or offerings (including any catalog sessions) will expire and you will no longer have access to the Advisory Services.  Any Advisory Services term may only be renewed by mutual written agreement of the parties (notwithstanding anything to the contrary in your Agreement), but terms and conditions, including pricing, are subject to change. 

     2.2 Availability of Advisory Services Representatives. Advisory Services are offered during Business Hours (as defined below) and are delivered by Atlassian product specialists such as engagement managers, solution strategists and/or technical architects (each, an “Advisory Services Representative”).  Atlassian may designate different Advisory Services Representatives to provide you Advisory Services (or portions thereof), depending on the particular services and Atlassian Products you order.  Advisory Services may be provided remotely or, for certain types and/or tiers of Advisory Services, on site, in each case, on a schedule mutually agreed between us and your Account Representatives (as defined below).  More information regarding on-site services delivery is included in Section 2.5 below.  For Subscription Services, Advisory Services Representatives will be available to provide the Subscription Services for up to the number of hours per three-month period set forth in the Table below.  “Business Hours means 9 am to 5 pm in a mutually agreed primary location for service delivery on any day that is not an Atlassian-designated holiday or weekend in such location.

Tier of Subscription Services

Hours per Three-Month Period*







* Hours not consumed in a given three-month period cannot be banked, accumulated or saved for subsequent periods

     2.3 Your Account Representatives. You will designate up to two (2) individuals to serve as key points of contact with the Advisory Services team (the “Account Representatives”). You will submit all your requests through your Account Representatives, and we will rely and act upon each Account Representative’s instructions. You will ensure that your Account Representatives have baseline technical knowledge of the Atlassian Products.

     2.4 Limitations of Advisory Services

          (a) Advisory Services are limited to Atlassian Products for which you have a current, paid subscription (or license and maintenance) period. If you request Advisory Services for an Atlassian Product that does not have a current, paid subscription (or license and maintenance), then the request is excluded from the Advisory Services offering until you bring your subscription (or license and maintenance) current. 

          (b) Fees for Advisory Services are to secure the availability, and time and effort, of Atlassian Advisory Services Representative(s).  We will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Advisory Services in a professional manner and to address your requests, but we do not guarantee that we will resolve all requests.  Actual areas of advice and guidance will depend on the ordered Advisory Services, as well as on your requests and needs. 

     (c) For clarity, topics that are not listed in an Advisory Services description and/or in an applicable Advisory Services datasheet are outside the scope of the related services.  In any event, Advisory Services do not include (i) implementation services related to your projects or any Atlassian product, (ii) guaranteed influence on Atlassian’s product roadmap or (iii) customizations or modifications to any Atlassian product.

     2.5 Travel & Living Expenses

          (a) In General.  Where on-site services are not included in your Advisory Services, or where additional on-site services are agreed, this Section 2.5(a) applies.  In certain cases, an Advisory Services Representative may visit your offices to deliver portions of the relevant service. Any pre-approved travel, lodging and meal expenses incurred by an Advisory Services Representative associated with mutually agreed on-site visits (beyond the visits (if any) included as part of your Advisory Services) may be invoiced directly to you at minimum monthly, and you will reimburse us for those expenses in accordance with the payment terms in your Order for the Advisory Services.

          (b) Included On-Site Visits.  As indicated in the Table below, certain tiers of Subscription Services, as well as workshop Catalog Services for Jira Align, include access to on-site services delivery during the Advisory Services term.  Section 2.5(a) above does not apply to these included on-site visits.

Advisory Services

Tier or Type

Included On-Site Visits*

Subscription Services



Subscription Services



Catalog Services

For Jira Align (workshops)


* Each on-site visit to be for two business days unless otherwise agreed

     2.6 Catalog Services.

          (a) In General.  Catalog Services are standalone solution-oriented service offerings (such as plays, assessments and workshops) to discuss the design and implementation of your deployment of Atlassian Products or solutions, as described in the applicable Catalog Services datasheet.

          (b) Jira Align.  In the case of workshop Catalog Services for Jira Align, the services include demonstration of how Jira Align will work with a compatible product (like Jira Software) set forth at (including any successor site) (each, a “Compatible Product”).  For clarity, certain aspects of Catalog Services delivery for Jira Align cannot begin until you establish connectivity between one (1) Compatible Product and one (1) Jira Align instance so that data is able to transit between such product and Jira Align ("System and Data Connectivity"), and, in some cases, System and Data Connectivity is not established on the start date indicated in the applicable Order. All Catalog Services for Jira Align will expire, and you will no longer have access to such services, at the end of the term of those Catalog Services notwithstanding any delay in your establishing System and Data Connectivity.  In addition, if you order workshop Catalog Services for Jira Align through an authorized partner or reseller, all or any portion of the services may be provided by such partner or reseller.

     2.7 Change Control Procedure.  Changes to an Advisory Services engagement will be made only in a writing executed by both parties (a “Change Order”), and Atlassian will have no obligation to commence work in connection with any change until such time.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, a Change Order is not required for any reallocation by you among the various types of Catalog Services available in a given Subscription Services tier (if any), if we have not commenced delivery and such reallocation is among Catalog Services of equivalent medal and does not cause a change in the total fee for the Advisory Services as set forth on the applicable Order.  To request any such reallocation, you will provide written notice to Atlassian via your Account Representatives, which request Atlassian may confirm or deny in its discretion.

     2.8 Publicity Rights. We may identify you as an Advisory Services customer in our promotional materials. We will promptly stop doing so upon your request sent to

3.   Training Credits. If Training Credits are included in the applicable Order, the following terms will also apply.  “Training Credits” are prepaid funds of the dollar amount shown on the quote referenced in the applicable Order, to be applied against your purchase of Atlassian-sold training and certification programs (“Courses”) as detailed on during the Eligibility Period (defined below). Courses and Training Credits are subject to Atlassian’s Training Terms and Policies (“Training Terms and Policies”), subject to the terms below.  In the event of a conflict or any inconsistency between the applicable Order and the Training Terms and Policies, the Order will control.  For clarity, Courses and Training Credits are not subject to the Agreement.  To redeem Training Credits, you must make your purchase through our designated order flow and consume Courses through our designated platform in accordance with each Course’s availability timetable. Training Credits may not be applied against other purchases and cannot be combined with cash to purchase Courses. You are responsible for managing your training accounts and for any redemptions made using your accounts. Training Credits are applied against our standard training fees at the time of purchase of the Courses. Training Credits expire twelve (12) months from the Order effective date (“Eligibility Period”), regardless of the actual purchase date.  Unused Training Credits, including Training Credits that are redeemed but unconsumed, do not roll over and are non-transferable, non-creditable and non-refundable. You may purchase additional Training Credits to be used during the Eligibility Period, as mutually agreed in a subsequent Order.

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