Marketplace App Security

Trust, security, and privacy are cornerstones of the relationship between Atlassian customers and our third-party Marketplace app partners.

Security Programs

Get peace of mind knowing that your data is secure. Our Marketplace security programs hold Marketplace partners to the highest standards for application security.

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Cloud App Security Requirements

Atlassian has defined a minimum set of requirements that all Marketplace applications must meet. These requirements are mandatory and are aimed at enforcing security best practices across all apps.

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Marketplace Bug Bounty Program

Atlassian has a best-in-class marketplace bug bounty program to increase security and trust for all Marketplace apps. Marketplace partners who participate in the program are able to proactively combat security risks before they arise by rewarding security researchers who discover vulnerabilities through the program.

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Security Self-Assessment Program

The Marketplace Self-Assessment Program is a collaboration between Atlassian and app partners to increase security awareness and improve security practices for our cloud apps. Program participants partake in an annual security assessment that Atlassian reviews and approves.

App Privacy

The Atlassian Marketplace is committed to ensuring customer information shared with third-party app partners remains private in accordance with government regulations.

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App privacy policies

Atlassian ensures that every app partner on the Marketplace has its own individual privacy policy and end-user license agreement on each app listing. Each policy outlines what data an app will collect, how that data is being used, and who will have access to that information.

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GDPR compliance

Atlassian keeps customer information private by masking user information in the APIs in accordance with GDPR. All Atlassian Marketplace apps will only have access to personal data that is set by a user to public. Users are given direct control over visibility of their personal data and can chose to restrict access to it at anytime.

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We're committed to providing visibility into our upcoming security, compliance, privacy, and reliability releases wherever possible.

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Trust & Security Community

Join the Trust & Security group on the Atlassian Community to hear directly from our Security team and share information, tips, and best practices for using Atlassian products in a secure and reliable way.

Atlassian Support

Reach out to one of our highly-trained support engineers to get answers to your most specific security questions. You may find the answers to many of your questions on our pre-filled security questionnaires.