JIRA Solver

Ever felt that your issue tracker only does half the job?

So did we. Modern development environments have code generation and code completion – they literally write code for your developers. Why can't your issue tracker do the same for your issues? Ours can.

It's time for the issue tracker to evolve.

JIRA Solver is a plugin for Atlassian's award-winning issue tracker. Using sophisticated code-inspection tools acquired from Cenqua, fourier analysis, latent semantic mapping and advanced AJAX integration, JIRA Solver takes your issues one step further, and resolves them. Quickly, quietly, and with no need for programmer intervention.


JIRA Solver. You had issues.


  • Advanced artificial intelligence techniques running on a map/reduce architecture
  • Automatic and instant identification of "nuisance" issues
  • Auto-generated responses with configurable "tone", using Commentator functionality acquired from Cenqua
  • And much more



  Price Solver agents Bug intensity
Standard $1200 1 Trivial and Minor bugs
Professional $2200 10 Above plus Major bugs plus anything that can be outsourced to India
Enterprise $4000 25 Above plus Critical P-complete problems
Massive $8000 Unlimited Above plus Blocker NP-complete and NP-hard*†

* Solving NP-hard problems may take a lot of network bandwidth between the unlimited number of agents and the server
† Pricing subject to change if it is discovered that P=NP



Happy April Fool's Day, mate!

Interested in developing the JIRA Solver?

Develop it and be sure to submit it to our annual Codegeist competition before it's over! You might just win $5K (for real).