Procurement template

Standardize your procurement process and track all purchases from request to receipt.

Procurement form on Jira Work Management


Empower your finance team to track internal purchases with the procurement template. This template is built specifically for finance and procurement teams to help track orders to ensure proper approval processes take place.

Procurement template

Jira Work Management
Ideal for

• Finance teams
• Procurement teams

Project types

• Company-managed

Issue types
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Workflow statuses
Requested In Review Approve Purchased Rejected

How to get started with the procurement template

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1. Create purchase requests

Add an order for each purchase request to the board so you have a clear view of where something is in the purchasing process. Consider customizing the workflow stages to reflect your team’s own unique purchase process.

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2. Track important purchasing details

In the details of each order, be sure to track important information that you will want later. Attach relevant documents such as quote and proposals and track the due date to review service agreements. Utilize labels to group and filter issues. 

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3. Iterate and improve with reports

The procurement template comes with out-of-the-box reports that will help you analyze the efficiency of your workflow. Choose from a range of reports that show statistics for particular people, projects, versions, or information about issues.

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