Procurement template

Track all purchases from request to receipt.

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Procurement template

Track all purchases from request to receipt.

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Task planning


Pipeline management

What is a procurement template?

The procurement template helps standardize your purchasing process.

What does the procurement template include?


The Board view provides a Kanban-style visualization of your working process and the status of each task. This allows you to track, organize, and prioritize tasks across columns that represent your workflow.

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A Visualização Lista organiza todo o trabalho do projeto em uma única lista, que pode ser verificada e filtrada por campo com facilidade. Você também pode adicionar, editar e visualizar tarefas no projeto com a lista.

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Easily collect information and capture work requests from other teams or stakeholders in your organization. Create different types of forms to receive different types of work from your stakeholders.

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No matter the complexity of your processes, create customizable workflows with statuses and transitions that map to any style of work.

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Use regras de automação para dar suporte a ações importantes e frequentes nos processos para que as equipes não pulem nenhuma etapa.

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Customized request creation

Tailor your procurement workflow to reflect your team’s unique purchase process.

Shopping cart

Built-in purchase tracking

Add quotes, proposals, and due dates to every order to simplify procurement management and filter for issues.

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Powerful reporting

Use a range of reports that identify trends on specific people, projects, versions, or issues.

How to get started with the procurement template

This template uses Jira Work Management to help your team manage your procurement process.

1. Add your to-do items

You can choose whether to use the list, board, or calendar view to add items to your to-do list. Keep it simple or get as granular as you want with attachments, priorities, labels, and more.

2. Add start and due dates

You can set start dates and due dates to your work items. This gives you visibility over work on your calendar and timeline, ensuring no work slips through the cracks.

3. Prioritize and organize

You can quickly sort your to-do list by priority to help you tackle your highest priority items first and stay on top of your most important tasks.

4. Automate work

Wherever possible, let the robots do the work. You can set up simple no-code automations to keep your work aligned, set reminders, and connect to your tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack and more.

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