Event planning template

Perfect for teams planning their next event, big or small.

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This template is perfect for keeping track of all event planning tasks, such as talking to vendors, designing assets, and obtaining approvals. It includes issue type and workflow configurations specific to event planning, as well as views like calendar and timeline to keep track of due dates.

Event planning template

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Ideal for

• Marketing teams
• Legal teams 
• Finance teams

Project types

• Company-managed

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Event planner template

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1. Event planning workflow

Track tasks through a workflow specifically designed for event planning. Whether it’s a big annual bash or a small team event, it can be hard to make sure every last item gets done in time. This event planning workflow keeps you and any size of team aligned all the way up through the big day. You can also work with your Jira admin to add, change, ir remove workflow steps based on your team’s needs and preferences.

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2. Keep track of what matters

Use pre-configured custom fields to keep track of details specific to your event, such as cost and budget. Generate reports to make sure your finances are pacing for the big day, plus cross-project dashboards for ongoing large-scale activities. You can also add your own custom fields as well to suit your team and ideal process.

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3. Keep everyone aligned

Use the calendar view to see which tasks are coming up and keep all team members aligned on deadlines. You can add new team members to your project at any time and assign tasks either manually or via automation. Set conditions and reminders for upcoming tasks to make sure everyone is in the loop at all times.

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