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5 signs it's time to switch from ServiceNow

Paying for tons of features you don't use? Looking to save your boss $100K a year? Then it might be time to switch to Jira Service Desk.


Tips to make a lean, mean ITSM machine

A best practices guide for implementing lean ITSM with Atlassian. All the muscle, without the fat.


The economic value of Jira Service Desk

A value audit report conducted by one of the leading industry research and analyst firms detailing the tangible benefits of Jira Service Desk.

Spending millions on ITSM?

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“When you look at a quarter million dollar solution compared to something that is 25% of that, it was an easy choice.”

Joe Riesberg, VP of Technology

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1/5 the price

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aspect name 1 Get an ITSM service desk for 1/5 of the price:
• Self-service portal
• Service level agreements (SLAs)
• Customer satisfaction (CSAT)
• Incident management
• Problem management
• Change management
• Request management

per month

List price of $100/user per month*

Built on the Jira platform

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Jira Service Desk is the only service desk built on a software development platform that connects IT and dev teams. By linking Jira Service Desk tickets with Jira Software issues, teams can collaborate on the same platform to fix incidents faster and push changes with confidence.

Easy setup and faster implementation time

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Based on the G2Crowd Service Desk Implementation Index Report, the industry average implementation time is 3.3 months. With Jira Service Desk, it takes users less than half that time to go live compared to ServiceNow which takes an average 4.5 months.

1.2 avg months to go live

4.5 avg months to go live

A single service desk application for any use case

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Jira Service Desk provides customizable templates out-of-the-box for ITSM, customer service, and business teams like HR and finance so you don't need to configure additional modules for new functionality or use case.

Deployment options: Run on cloud or on-premise

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Deploy Jira Service Desk in the cloud or run it on your own server, the choice is yours.

Information effective January 26, 2018.

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All the features your team needs to deliver great service, at a fraction of the cost vs. ServiceNow. Choose Jira Service Desk today.

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