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We surveyed 500 software development and IT professionals about their tools and practices to uncover the technology and trends that will separate the best from the rest. 

Below are 7 challenges facing the industry today and what modern software development teams are doing about them.

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73% of software development teams spend 10% – 50% of their time on updates and upgrades to their self-hosted software.

Who knew "business as usual" meant 20-40 hours/week?

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When teams aren't in maintenance mode, they're hunting for info:

92% of teams have to provide status updates weekly (or even more frequently).

Developers are the #1 purchasers of noise-cancelling headphones*

*Not verified.

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It takes 3.3 different tools just to uncover the status of a project.

So many tools, so little time.

On average, Jira customers rely on fewer tools for status updates—2.3 tools vs 3.3 for non-users.

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75% of development teams face issues with bugs, defects, or delays when it's time to release.

We'll have what the other 25% is having

63% of teams with feature flagging report better testing of features or higher quality software.

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On average, teams use 4.3 tools to move code from development to customer-facing production.

71% of those teams who use microservices report easier to test or deploy features.

When microservice teams leverage platform-as-a-service, some of those important deployment functions are folded into the platform

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Insufficient automated test coverage, additional manual processes, lack of build/deployment pipeline automation contribute to issues with manual testing for 62% of teams. 

And we thought we had issues

And we thought we had issues

47% of teams ship changes and receive customer feedback faster with a CI/CD cloud solution.

That's not all—57% of teams report fewer bugs and outages, too. 

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93% of teams consider Customer Satisfaction as a top metric for success, but 60% say it's difficult to measure for features they develop.

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