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Connecting with your team takes more than being online. The most effective teams make open communication and mutual respect a top priority while WFH.

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Scott Farquhar

“This is a moment to come together to make the remote journey an easy one for as many people and teams as we can, wherever they are and whatever they do. That’s central to our mission.”

Scott Farquhar
Co-founder and Co-CEO, Atlassian

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Let’s get real about remote work

Working remotely isn’t just about keeping your status light green. Read on to learn how the strongest teams take the time to take care of one another - no matter how far apart they are.

First things first
5 tips for ramping up on remote work in a hurry

1. Reset how your team communicates

Get aligned on expectations, response times, and working hours.

2. Brush up on basic best practices

  • Dedicate a space for working
  • Keep a consistent schedule
  • Give yourself breaks

3. Introduce daily or weekly stand-ups

Give teammates the opportunity to share their plans for the day, progress they’ve made since the last check-in, and any blockers they may have.

4. Eat healthy

  • Stock up on hearty breakfast and lunch food
  • Avoid foods that will make you sleepy during the day
  • Remember to treat yourself every once in a while

5. Stay connected on a personal level

  • Video call whenever possible
  • Conduct virtual happy hours and coffee breaks
  • Create a team-wide chat room to share personal stories, .gifs, etc.
How to Embrace Remote Work

The Trello Book on Remote Teamwork

The complete guide to setting up your team for remote work success.

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work
Miro blog

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work

Miro believes employees don’t need to be in the same location to produce their best work. Here’s how you can help your remote teams thrive, just like theirs.

Stella Garber

“Remote work requires an extra layer of intentionality and empathy when working in a team. Make sure you're communicating more than you think is necessary, and consider how different mediums carry different messages”

Stella Garber
Head of Marketing, Trello

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Keeping connected from far away
Nicki Bellington

“Working remotely can often times bring loneliness or isolation with it. Make sure to check in on your teammates often and find ways to support each other through virtual social connection.”

Nicki Bellington
Head of Talent Programs, Remote Atlassian

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Remote Game Plan
Atlassian playbook

Self-guided workshops to strengthen remote teamwork

Create new rituals to help your team adjust to a different way of working together.

Inclusive Meetings

Inclusive Meetings

Encourage diversity of opinion from all your remote team members as you move to virtual meetings.

My User Manual

My User Manual

Discover what everyone’s remote work preferences are to establish ground rules for collaboration.



Help everyone keep track of team progress and project blockers with quick, daily or weekly updates.

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