Atlassian + Microsoft

Connect, accelerate, and scale teamwork across your business. Atlassian and Microsoft are partnering to bring you best-in-class integrations that unite work and information across teams, tools, and platforms.

Atlassian + Microsoft

Bridge the gap between tools and teams with robust integrations

Jira Cloud for Microsoft Teams

The new Jira Cloud for Microsoft Teams app anchors real-time communication to a single view of the work ahead. With the power of two tools in one view, conversations have instant clarity and context, creating better alignment and shorter delivery time.

screen shot of jira cloud microsoft teams integration
Confluence cloud for MS Teams screen shot (3 people on call)

Confluence Cloud for Microsoft Teams

Bring the power of Confluence into Microsoft Teams with collaborative in-meeting notes, flexible page organization, and powerful search. With flexible documentation at your fingertips, your team can build greater momentum and unlock a more open, cohesive flow of information.

Trello for Microsoft Teams

Trello for Teams lets you organize your projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way. With the Trello app, you and your team can create, update, and visualize your upcoming work in Trello.

Trello for MS Teams screenshot - image of trello board embedded into microsoft teams

Jira Service Management for Microsoft Teams

Use Jira Service Management as a help desk in Microsoft Teams and allow your users to submit requests directly or capture their direct requests. You can create, view, edit, and manage two-way requests directly within Teams. By integrating your help desk into Teams, your organization can expedite, triage, add automations, and resolve issues quickly. Establish a connection between Jira Service Management and Teams.

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