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Figma + Atlassian

Bring your Figma concepts to life with Jira and Confluence, where design and development collaborate together to make the impossible possible.

Atlassian + Figma
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Keep designs in sync with development in Jira

Teams thrive when they are empowered to focus and stay in their creative zones. The Figma and Jira integrations provide visibility to design changes and reduce context switching for designers and developers.

Working in Jira?

Install the Figma for Jira app to add your designs to your Jira issues.

  • See a preview of the Figma designs directly in your Jira issues
  • Add as many designs as you want to any Jira issue to give your team all the context they need
Grant Confluence access through slack

Working in Figma or FigJam?

Use the Jira widget or the Jira plugin to create or update Jira issues and link designs without ever leaving Figma.

  • Easily create or link Jira issues from Figma while you’re inspecting designs.
  • Keep your teammates up to date whether you’re designing, planning, or building.

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Get more eyes on your Figma designs in Confluence

Confluence is your remote-friendly team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet. Our Smart Link for Figma enables designers to:

  • Add designs to product briefs and other documentation by easily embedding Figma designs, prototypes, and whiteboards directly into a Confluence page; providing users with visual context to what they’re reading.
  • Simply paste a URL of any Figma file, page, or frame into Confluence and choose to display a rich unfurl or a live embedded view
  • Click on the embedded design to see it full screen, or go straight to Figma for additional details
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Bring your Figma designs into your product discovery process

Jira Product Discovery is a product team’s home for prioritization and roadmapping. With our Smart Link for Figma, product teams can:

  • Easily embed any Figma design or prototype into a Jira Product Discovery idea to help the team better understand a new feature.
  • Simply paste a URL of any file, page or frame into Jira Product Discovery to see a live preview, no switching to Figma required.
install figma for jira product discovery

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Design and build better together with Figma + Atlassian

Why Figma and Atlassian?

From themework to teamwork at Atlassian

Modern software teams know that shipping meaningful work needs tight teamwork. Jade Jiang, Product Designer at Atlassian, will dive into the world of designers and developers, sharing research findings from both roles, peppered with anecdotes from her own experiences.

This talk takes you behind the scenes at Atlassian, sharing secrets of how developers and designers work together across tools like Figma and Jira. Learn ways of working that you can apply in your own teams to deliver impactful work to users.


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How Atlassian and Figma help designers and developers collaborate

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Developers, meet Figma Dev Mode


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