Modern software development is a team sport across many different disciplines. In today’s digital-first world, a strong collaboration between designers and developers is integral to creating innovative products that solve large problems and delight users.

At Atlassian, we are helping multi-disciplinary teams collaborate and achieve what would otherwise be impossible alone. From Jira Sofware to Confluence and Jira Work Management, Atlassian has the tools every team needs to build better together from design to code.

We previously wrote about how design teams can use Jira Software to work with developers, but we know that there is more we can do to empower the designer and developer partnership. We spoke to designers and developers to understand the common challenges they face when working together, so we can implement ways to improve the design-to-code collaboration process. At Figma’s Config conference this year, we share how developers and designers should build products like a team sport and pass the ball early and often.

Now, it’s time for us to reveal exciting new ways to use Figma together with Jira and Confluence!

Say hello to our new and improved Figma and Jira Software integrations

Designs come to life in Figma and planning happens in Jira. Give your team better visibility into design work by keeping them all in sync. Atlassian and Figma are unveiling exciting updates to our Figma and Jira Software integration to bridge developer and designer collaboration through:

Keep designs in sync with development in Jira Software

Teams thrive when they are empowered to focus and stay in their creative zones. The Figma and Jira Software integration provides visibility to design changes and reduces context switching for designers and developers.

Working in Jira Software? Install the Figma for Jira app to add designs to Jira Software by pasting a URL into the design field. See a preview of the Figma design directly in the Jira issue – the integration supports Figma files, pages, frames, and even prototypes. Add as many designs as you want to any Jira issue to give your team all the context they need.

Designing in Figma? Use the Jira widget or the Jira plugin to link a design directly to a Jira issue without leaving Figma. Whether you’re in the designing, planning, or implementation phase, you can easily create new Jira issues from Figma and keep your workflow seamless while you’re inspecting designs.

Install the Figma for Jira app to link Figma designs directly to Jira issues

The design-to-code experience is about to get even better

Coming later this year, we’re adding feature updates to the Figma for Jira app to make the designer and developer collaboration process even more seamless.

Designers use Figma as a space for exploration as much as a place for producing the final designs, so it’s easy for teams to lose track of which design is the correct one to build. The new updates will help teams to have confidence that they’re implementing the latest design and stay across any updates.

Be confident your teams are implementing the most up-to-date designs

See when a design has been updated since you last viewed the issue. With the updated Figma for Jira app, the latest Figma design changes will be automatically synced with Jira. Developers will now see if a Figma frame has changed since they last viewed the issue with a “design updated” status. No more back-and-forth and miscommunication on design status – Jira Software will automatically notify you what you need to know.

See when a design has been updated since you last viewed the Jira issue (coming later this year)

Improve workflow and communication between designers and developers

Keep your team updated on design context without context switching. Our updated integrations make collaboration even easier by automatically displaying the linked design in both Figma and Jira. Link your design from either Figma or Jira Software, and watch the design automatically show up in the other tool!

Linked design in Jira Software will automatically display in Figma and vice versa (coming later this year)

A bigger and better design viewing experience in Jira Software

The updated Figma for Jira app will provide a better design viewing experience in Jira Software, so everyone can see the latest design changes in an issue at a glance. Get ready for a bigger and better preview of linked Figma designs.

Preview designs in Jira Software in a full-page modal (coming later this year)

Bridge the gap between designers and developers. With our Jira Software and Figma integrations, you can be confident that your team stays up-to-date with design changes while helping everyone stay in their flow. Download the Figma for Jira app today and automatically get the new feature updates when they are launched later this year!

Design better with Atlassian and Figma

Designer and developer collaboration doesn’t stop at Jira Software. Atlassian offers a suite of tools with features and integrations that help design teams enhance their day-to-day work experience.

Get more :eyes: on your Figma designs in Confluence

Confluence is your remote-friendly team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet. Our Confluence-Figma Smart Links enable designers to:

  • Easily embed any Figma design or prototype directly into a Confluence page so more people can view your work. Simply paste a URL of any file, page, or frame in Confluence to see a live preview.
  • Click on the embedded design to see it full screen, or go straight to Figma for additional details.

Design with agility with Jira Work Management

Need a place to track designs as a team, map dependencies with a timeline, and collaborate on a shared calendar? Check out Jira Work Management, with use cases built specifically to help design teams collaborate:

  • Get to work on your designs directly from your Jira Work Management project by adding a shortcut to Figma — no need to search for your files and switch tabs.
  • Share a Jira Work Management intake form with cross-functional stakeholders to streamline design requests and keep requirements consistent.
  • Proof and comment on Figma files directly in Jira. Set up simple automation to notify stakeholders via Slack, Teams, or email when it’s time to get design feedback.

Whether it’s Jira Software, Confluence, or Jira Work Management – this is only the beginning of enhancing the designer and developer collaboration journey at Atlassian. We’re passionate about improving how we work across different disciplines to make the impossible possible. Try out the Figma for Jira integration today and stay updated on the new features coming later this year!

From design to code: how Atlassian and Figma help designers and developers collaborate