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With Atlassian and Datadog, you can streamline performance by bringing visibility into your teams’ workflows and application performance.

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Opsgenie and Datadog

Monitor alerts and events with Opsgenie and Datadog.

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Create, update & resolve Jira issues from Datadog alerts and collaborate on events

Create new Jira issues from triggered alerts in Datadog and update existing issues with new information as it arises. New Jira issues are also added as Datadog events which can then be overlaid on the rest of your metrics in Datadog.

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See how code changes impact your infrastructure

By viewing Bitbucket commits and pull requests in the Datadog Event Stream, you can keep track of code changes in real time, add markets to illustrate code changes on your Datadog dashboards, and discuss code changes with your team. You can also overlay commits directly on top of metrics to see the effect of code changes on performance.

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Create, acknowledge, and resolve Opsgenie alerts from Datadog monitors and events

Create Opsgenie alerts from triggering monitors or events in Datadog. Acknowledge or close the alerts from Datadog using Comments.

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