Atlassian + AWS

Atlassian and AWS are committed to developing integrations that empower teams to do their best work. Whether your team is already on the cloud, or moving to the cloud, the integrations allow for growth and scale of your business.

Atlassian + AWS

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Jira Service Management

AWS Service Management Connector for Jira Service Management

AWS Service Management Connector for Jira Service Management allows customers to provision, manage and operate AWS resources natively via Jira Service Management. Administrators can provide pre-approved, secured and governed AWS resources to end-users via AWS Service Catalog, investigate & resolve incidents affecting AWS resources and hosted applications via AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager, and view, update and resolve security findings via AWS Security Hub. These integrations streamline AWS native services by making it easier for Jira Service Management users to consume and provide governance and oversight over AWS products.


Amazon DevOps Guru and Opsgenie deliver operational insights to the right people and teams

Amazon DevOps Guru uses machine learning to identify application behavior that is outside of its normal operating patterns. Opsgenie can capture these insights and route them to the right teams based on on-call schedules, routing rules, and escalation policies so critical alerts are never missed.

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Webinar: Opsgenie + AWS Security Hub

Learn how to Stop Security Attacks with Automated Threat Detection & Remediation from AWS & Opsgenie. 

Blog Post: DevOps just got a whole lot easier with Opsgenie and AWS CloudFormation Registry and CLI

Opsgenie is a proud launch partner of the AWS CloudFormation Registry and CLI, an extension of CloudFormation. Users can now leverage Opsgenie’s support to better their IaC capabilities in their AWS environments. 

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aws deploy

Bitbucket Pipelines + AWS Deployments

Automate deployments to AWS with Bitbucket Pipelines. Choose from a number of preconfigured and supported pipes to make it easier than ever to deploy your application to AWS.

Bitbucket Cloud + Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer

Integrate Bitbucket Cloud with CodeGuru Reviewer and utilize Amazon’s machine learning service to help automate code review and application performance recommendations. Improve code quality with each commit you make in Bitbucket with CodeGuru Reviewer’s scanning and remediation tools directly in a pull request.

Jira Software
Amazon code analyst

Amazon Code Catalyst + Jira Software Cloud

Connect your Jira Software Cloud projects to Amazon Code Catalyst for a seamless development experience. Linking projects across both products gives you an end-to-end view of work across the toolchain and allows you to use Jira Software features with Amazon CodeCatalyst. See the status of pull requests automatically updated across both Jira and CodeCatalyst, access your Jira projects from CodeCatalyst, and more.


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Datasheet: Atlassian + AWS Integrations

Learn more about how we integrate with AWS products, such as AWS Security Hub, AWS Service Catalog, and AWS CloudWatch.

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The Total Economic Impact of Atlassian Jira Software for DevOps:

In this study conducted by Forrester, in partnership with Atlassian and AWS, learn about the cost savings and business benefits of adopting DevOps for software development.

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