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IT 서비스 관리 템플릿

요청에 응답하고, 인시던트를 해결하고, 문제를 처리하며, 변경 사항을 빠르게 배포하세요.

Request types
Submit a request or incident
템플릿 사용
HR service management queue in Jira Service Management
Simple workflow

Streamlined HR workflows

Stay on top of and manage all HR service demands with pre-configured request types and workflows designed for HR teams.

Security shield

Built-in confidentiality

Securely track and protect sensitive information. Use permissions to define who can view, find, and comment on requests.

Help desk window

Self-service portal

Help employees find answers to common questions using a service portal. Set up a knowledge base so that help-seekers can self-service with FAQs and how-to articles.

Use template

Featured product: Jira Service Management

The easiest way for HR teams to manage payroll, onboarding, requests, general inquiries, and other HR services. Learn more

“Digital transformation is a buzzword, but Jira Service Management is helping make it tangible for us. Before, people were looking at shared drives, spreadsheets, and emails. Now they see their process as a digital product, through a form, a queue, a dashboard, and a workflow.”

Jeff Pittman

Director of IT Operations, Sony Music Publishing

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How to get started with the HR service management template

1. Set up your help center and portal Copy link to heading Copied! view +

The help center allows employees to submit requests and access your self-service knowledge base.

2. Customize your request types Copy link to heading Copied! view +

Help employees and agents by using tailored request types, or even creating your own.

4. Add agents Copy link to heading Copied! view +

It’s time to get the party started! Add agents to your service project team.

3. Organize your queues Copy link to heading Copied! view +

Align your queue with the way your teams triage and address HR requests.

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