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Twilio is a cloud communications company that provides an API for building voice and messaging applications.

In the past three years, Twilio has grown from 176 employees and three engineering teams to 500 employees and 25 engineering teams worldwide. As it tripled in size, the company needed the right tools to scale the business in a cohesive, efficient way.

Twilio adopted Atlassian and leveraged the extensibility of Jira and Confluence to customize solutions for various teams, automate workflows, and streamline development processes. “We rely on Jira and Confluence to manage process and communication across our organization,” says Dominique DeGuzman, infrastructure engineer at Twilio.

As Twilio’s sole Atlassian admin, DeGuzman was creating and managing hundreds of Jira projects while at the same time trying to write code as a software engineer. She leveraged Jira’s extensibility to automate tasks and empower co-workers to build and manage their projects.

"We could use Jira Software right out of the box, but the fact that we can extend it and write against its API really allows my team to get exactly what we need from Jira."

Simon Thorpe
Director of product management, Twilio

With the Delegated Project Creator for Jira add-on, she enabled technical leads to make and administer their own Jira projects from templates. Other plug-ins, like Jira Command Line Interface (CLI), allowed DeGuzman to automate a number of processes in the development cycle.

“Using the Atlassian Marketplace, we’ve automated cumbersome steps and shaved days off our development cycle.” says DeGuzman. “We’ve even developed our own add-ons using Atlassian Connect.”

According to Simon Thorpe, director of product management at Twilio, "We could use Jira Software right out of the box, but the fact that we can extend it and write against its API really allows my team to get exactly what we need from Jira.”

Meanwhile, Confluence provides a single source of truth across the distributed teams. From San Francisco to London, people can find information, plans, workflows, and processes all in one discoverable site.

Atlassian is not just for the Engineering team: Twilio business teams including HR, Operations, Finance, and Marketing are using Confluence as their information hub and Jira as their ticketing system. Whether it’s onboarding a new employee, managing a travel request, or running a budget review, teams are saving time with Jira and Confluence.

Atlassian has increased efficiency and transparency for globally distributed teams at Twilio. Add-ons from the Marketplace extend the products so they fit numerous use cases and meet specific business requirements. Using the API/Connect framework, engineers build their own macros, shaving days off their development cycle.

Watch the video to learn more about how Twilio is scaling with Atlassian. 

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