MYMARKET.IO speeds deployment with Bitbucket and Aerobatic add-on




Vienna, Austria



Jira Software




MYMARKET.IO provides the building blocks to create marketplaces and merchant tools that power e-commerce experiences. “We provide everything from integration of existing shop systems to billing and the payment processing to make merchants’ lives easier and more efficient,” says CTO Michael Schramm.

Founded in 2014, the Austria-based development shop began using Jira Software and Confluence to plan and track development, and Bitbucket Cloud to manage and collaborate on source code. By hosting code in the cloud, the team was freed from the burden of maintaining its own version control infrastructure. The integration between the tools also gave them the ability to track their development from feature ideation through completion.

The only thing missing from their workflow was a way to speed up their deployment of new marketplaces.

While perusing the Atlassian Marketplace, Schramm discovered the Aerobatic for Bitbucket add-on. In addition to other advanced static development features, Aerobatic allows MYMARKET.IO to deploy and manage static websites straight from their Bitbucket repositories – the missing link to Schramm's workflow. Aerobatic works natively inside the Bitbucket UI, using Bitbucket Connect. No new logins, no more context switching, no new tools to learn. Bitbucket Connect provides an integration architecture that embeds their add-ons right within the product UI, creating a more unified workflow.

Using Bitbucket and Aerobatic, MYMARKET.IO has reduced its deployment time from eight hours to less than one hour. From a systems administrator perspective, “I no longer have to maintain the infrastructure to host the version control system, and I can set up a new website without logging into a server,” says Schramm.

“With Bitbucket and Aerobatic, we can stay within one tool (Bitbucket), which decreases the need for context switching, reduces complexity, and overall helps speed deployment,” concludes Schramm.

Using Bitbucket and Aerobatic, we were able to reduce our deployment time from eight hours to less than one hour.— Michael Schramm, CTO, MYMARKET.IO