Europe, we're coming to steal your geeks!

Ready for an Australian adventure? Come to our Atlassian information evenings to learn about working with Australia's coolest software company, and what its like to live and work in Sydney.

We're coming to YOUR city to find and hire 15 awesome developers and relocate them to Sydney, all expenses paid. So why not apply straight away and also join the interview days we're holding. You'll get feedback from us on the spot!

We're looking for experienced Java developers and JavaScript developers with a proven track record of delivery. 

The Atlassian Talent Team is sweeping Europe. Submit your photo of the event on Flickr and tag them with "atlassian15in15"!

Roadshow applications closed 1st April.

If you are interested in a job at Atlassian - please check out the jobs on our careers site here»

You code fast, ship quickly, travel light, wear thongs (the Aussie kind!), you innovate and like working with smart people. Come meet with us to learn what is involved in making a move to Australia. 

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Day 2 & 3 @London (April 14th - 15th)Day 2 & 3 @Amsterdam (April 18th - 19th)Day 2 & 3 @Berlin (April 22nd - 23rd)Day 2 & 3 @Madrid (April 27th - 28th)

Relocating to a new country

While the European economy has slowed due to the financial crisis, Australia is steaming ahead and our tech community is thriving!

According to Forbes magazine, newcomers have voted Australia in the top 3 countries in which they feel at home most quickly. It's easiest to befriend the locals, learn the language, and integrate into the community. This lucky country has seen plenty of newcomers; 44 per cent of Australians were either born overseas or have at least one foreign-born parent.

We're rolling out the red carpet for all new hires who come onboard now:

  • Free flights for you and your family
  • All relocation expenses paid
  • Limo pickup service 
  • A welcome to Australia-package including goodies like a Sydney Harbour Bridge-climb
  • A beautiful harbour restaurant dinner, and many more unexpected treats
  • All costs related to obtaining a Work Visa in Australia
  • Temporary accommodation in a lush Sydney hotel
  • Paid leave to look for rental accommodation.
Europe's economy is in a slump, so why not...

Working at Atlassian in Sydney

Atlassian has a no bullshit attitude. We 'get shit done', ship code and our environment has been tuned to make this process as easy as possible. You pick your own OS and IDE and have all the other flexibilities. In the past years, Atlassian has been recognised as one of Australia's Best Employers in the Great Places to Work Awards and Hewitt's Best Employer Awards.

Atlassian has moved plenty of awesome people around the world and helped get them settled. The Atlassian Sydney office is a happy mix of accents, customs, and ideas from people who have joined us from other countries.

Sure, we're biased! But Sydney is the most beautiful city in the world to live! We have a beautiful climate, stunning beaches, awesome bars and restaurants. The continued economic growth has made life in Sydney expensive. That's why you can expect Atlassian to pay you a great salary, so you can enjoy the city and all it's wonders.


Atlassian Javascript guru Scott Harwood hits the waves

Engineering at Atlassian

We develop the software that helps development teams around the world to build kick ass products. Given that we often scratch our own itch with products like JIRA and Confluence, there is a strong culture at Atlassian which allows you to ship your own ideas. 

If you have an idea on how to improve one of our products, you can simply pitch it to your coworkers, build it in your 20% time, spike it on a ShipIt day and get it into the product. 

If you are looking for technical challenges, we will make sure you get them. We're in the unique position of deploying the same products to our BTF (behind the firewall) and our SaaS customers. So we're working on scaling large installations, application performance, and reducing turnaround time for deploying changes to our SaaS customers. Because we own the whole stack of the application down to our custom hosting platform, there are heaps of opportunities to enhance the experience for our customers.

Atlassian working on ShipIt Day project

Job Description

We have been voted as one of the top 5 great places to work in Australia; even better news is that we're coming to Europe to present some awesome opportunities to you! We're looking for developers who:

  • are passionate about developing great software, have a love for solving hard problems and enjoy learning about new technology
  • drive innovation by coming up with new and surprising ideas for our products and processes are passionate about product development and obsessively keep up to date with the latest trends in application design
  • have knowledge of open source libraries, tools and frameworks and agile software development methodologies (this is always a plus!)

Senior Java Developers - skills required:

  • Excellent understanding and working knowledge of Java (However if you are a strong developer with experience of building products, have used other O-O languages and have exposure to Java, we'd still like to hear from you!)
  • Deep architectural understanding of web applications
  • Good knowledge in some back end technologies like Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, SQL or others

Senior JavaScript developers – skills required:

  • Strong software design and object oriented coding skills
  • Extensive hands-on experience in JavaScript
  • Experience building Ajaxified web apps

How we work:

Our software is Java-based, but many of our developers love other languages too.We actively debate best practice and push for improvements. Change is driven by individuals. We have 20% time and quarterly hack-fests that let you show off your creativity and passion.

We want smart people, who are screaming to have an impact and have a track record of getting things done. If that sounds like you - Apply now!

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  3. Info-Bus tour
  4. Roadshow interviews
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  6. Atlassian-arranged visa
  7. Flight to Sydney
  8. First 2 months accomodation
  9. Start at Atlassian!
  10. 6 weeks bootcamp