Eliminating downtime with Jira Data Center

Join the webinar to get a technical deep dive into Jira Data Center, how zero downtime upgrades work, and a sneak peak into what's coming next from the Jira team.

Your teams rely on Jira every day to get their jobs done. If something happens to its availability, it can be painful for users and admins alike, and can lead to a serious loss in productivity.

That's why we built our Data Center offering to provide high availability and eliminate the pain of unplanned downtime.

But what about planned downtime for upgrades and security fixes? As a global organization, we know how difficult it can be to find time for maintenance updates. We know admins generally resort to scheduling upgrades at night or over the weekend to avoid impacting users. With that in mind, we wanted to do better and give our admins their personal time back. In our most recent release of Jira Data Center, we introduced zero downtime upgrades, allowing you to upgrade one node at a time and let users continue to work - without interruption. 

Join Benjamin King, solutions engineer, and Dick Wiggers, Jira developer, to get a technical deep dive into Jira Data Center and zero downtime upgrades. 

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How Data Center works and why Enterprise teams are making the move
  • How to set up a clustered environment for Data Center
  • A technical look into how zero downtime upgrades work
  • Which steps to take to validate your cluster is in a safe state to upgrade
  • A sneak peek at what's coming next from the Jira team


Ben King

Solutions Engineer, Atlassian

Ben King is an Solutions Engineer at Atlassian based out of Austin, Texas. As an SE, Ben spends his days advising Atlassian's largest customers on how to most effectively and efficiently deploy at massive scale. SE's are Atlassian's go to resource for Data Center and all large scale system architecture. Specifically, Ben specializes in gathering customer feedback to inform Atlassian's product teams on collaboration in the Enterprise.

Dick Wiggers

Software Developer, Atlassian

Dick Wiggers is a Software Developer based out of Sydney Australia. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, he has mastered both front-end and back-end development skills, and goes crazy for details. He prefers to automate *everything* to avoid repetition. Before joining Atlassian in 2015, he ran a web development business and co-founded a tech startup in the insurance industry. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, running and surfing. Also, he's an amateur botanist.