Insuring the future: Northwestern Mutual's journey from Data Center to cloud

Learn how Northwestern Mutual navigated a complex environment and migrated more than 5,000 users from Data Center to cloud with the help of Solution Partner, Expium. We'll cover the value of the cloud assessment and discovery phases, how to manage a major migration, and what other migrators can learn from the experience.

Migrating to the cloud isn’t always a straightforward journey. Northwestern Mutual enlisted the help of Solution Partner, Expium, to help them migrate more than 5,000 users from Data Center to cloud.

In this webinar, join Bryan Darr, Business Process Consultant at Expium, and Michael Stewart, a Sr. Systems Engineer at Northwestern Mutual, as together they share some of the key learnings that made their migration a success:

  • Understanding cloud benefits such as cost savings and new features
  • Assessing effort required to migrate users, instances, and apps
  • Choosing the right migration strategies and methods
  • Anticipating potential friction areas such as budget constraints and user pain points



Bryan Darr

Business Process Consultant, Expium

Bryan Darr is a Business Process Consultant who helps organizations of all sizes to work smarter. He believes that establishing trust is fundamental to any relationship and advocates for open communication, transparency, and an empathetic approach.

Bryan enjoys the complexities often associated with Atlassian instances with large user counts and numerous add-ons, as well as supporting the business through change management and stakeholder engagement.

Bryan is an Atlassian Certified Master and SAFe® Program Consultant.

Michael Stewart

Senior System Engineer, Northwestern Mutual

Primary administrator of Atlassian Tools at Northwestern Mutual. Background in work item management, project management, defect management, and collaboration tools and solutions.