How to Uplevel Your Product Discovery Practice with Jira Product Discovery

Learn from the Head of Product for Jira Product Discovery how his team handles product feedback, builds product roadmaps, creates a loop between discovery and delivery, and communicates progress to stakeholders.

“Product discovery.” If you’re a product manager, you probably have some idea of what it is, but it’s a term that can mean different things to different people. That makes it hard to know how to get started – and whether or not you’re doing it right!

The best way to learn about product discovery is to see how it works in real life for one team. In this webinar, Head of Product for Jira Product Discovery, Tanguy Crusson, will share the practices his team instilled to build Jira Product Discovery.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how the Jira Product Discovery team:

  • Collects and organizes product feedback from customers as well as internal teams
  • Prioritizes ideas to work on and builds roadmaps
  • Creates a continuous loop between product discovery and delivery

And if you have any questions, you’ll have access to live chat Q&A with our expert team throughout the demo.

A quick note: while Tanguy will explain some of the basics of Jira Product Discovery, this webinar is most helpful if you have an understanding of Jira Product Discovery. Don’t fret – you can either watch our on-demand webinar or sign up for one of our live demos where you can ask questions of our team ahead of the event!


Tanguy Crusson

Head of Product, Jira Product Discovery, Atlassian

On a mild winter’s day in 2019 from the south of France, Tanguy pitched a new product idea to the Atlassian founders: a new home for product managers, built to encourage collaboration across teams, and all in Jira. Eventually this turned into Jira Product Discovery. Tanguy has been with Atlassian for ten years, working across multiple product roles. When not PM-ing on land, you might find him free diving 80m under the surface of the water or kite surfing a few meters above it!