An introduction to Jira Product Discovery

Learn how to use Jira Product Discovery to gather and prioritize ideas, create custom roadmaps, and connect to work in Jira Software.

To attend a pre-recorded demo with live chat Q&A, sign up here.

To attend a demo with live chat Q&A, sign up here.

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Product management is hard. You want to build products customers will actually use, and maybe, just maybe, even love. But the day to day can be chaotic.

  • Where do you gather all of your product ideas and insights? (please don’t say spreadsheets!)
  • How do you prioritize what to build now, next, and later?
  • How do you keep everyone aligned with what you are building and why?
  • How do you even know if you’re building the right thing?
  • How do you connect the big ideas to the dev work happening in Jira Software?

If the answer to any of the above makes you shift a little uncomfortably in your seat - then you are in the right place, and spoiler alert - you’re going to love Jira Product Discovery.

In this demo, we’ll walk you through:

  • How to gather and prioritize ideas using insights, custom fields, and views
  • How to create and share customizable roadmaps
  • How to connect discovery work to the delivery work happening in Jira Software

And if you have any questions, you’ll have access to live chat Q&A with our expert team throughout the demo.

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