Better together: how integrations impact DevOps workflows

Learn how the integration between Jira Software Server and Bitbucket Server can positively impact your DevOps workflows.

Like all great pairings (Pizza & Beer anyone?) your DevOps tooling should also complement one another's strengths.

Join our webinar to learn how the combination of Jira Software Server and Bitbucket Server speed up release cycles, increase visibility of work in progress, and automate menial tasks.

Topics we'll cover include:

  • Linking commits, branches, and pull requests to their corresponding Jira Software issues (and vice-versa), for more effective status tracking and powerful forensic debugging.
  • Creating a repeatable process through workflow controls like the branching model, Git hooks, and merge restrictions.
  • A walk-through of a typical "idea-production" workflow as it moves through Jira Software and Bitbucket.
  • A look into the future of DevOps and Atlassian.


Ian Buchanan headshot

Ian Buchanan

Principal Partner Engineer, Open DevOps

While Ian has broad and deep experience with both Java and .NET, he's best known as a champion of agile methods in large enterprises. He's currently focused on the emerging DevOps culture and the tools for enabling better continuous integration, continuous delivery, and data analysis. During his career, he's successfully managed enterprise software development tools in all phases of their lifecycle. He has driven organization-wide process improvement with results of greater productivity, higher quality, and improved customer satisfaction. He has built multi-national teams that value self-direction and self-organization. When not speaking or coding, you can find Ian indulging his passions in parsers, meta-programming, and domain-specific languages. Follow Ian at @devpartisan.