How Atlassian Scales Bitbucket Data Center on AWS

Join a couple DevOps gurus for a deep dive into how Atlassian scales our internal Bitbucket Data Center instance using AWS.

Atlassian has 1,000s developers using Bitbucket everyday. Each user is committing code, running CI builds, reviewing and creating pull requests on a daily basis. This poses certain challenges for the teams running and maintaining infrastructure – 1,000 users equates to storing terabytes worth of information and under an enormous load of 100,000s of builds all on one instance. 

Join a couple DevOps gurus for a deep dive into how Atlassian scales our internal Bitbucket Data Center instance using AWS. The deep dive will cover configuration tips and tricks along with recommendations on how to keep developers happy with speedy clone times and better availability. You'll leave with a firm understanding around:  

  • How to use AWS auto-scaling with Bitbucket Data Center for better performance.
  • How Smart Mirrors provide lightning fast Git access for teams all over the globe.
  • How to provide continuous availability using an HA cluster in multiple AWS zones.
  • How to start using Git large file support (Git LFS) to dramatically reduce clone and build times.


Chris Szmajda

Development Senior Team Lead, Atlassian

Chris leads the Bitbucket Enterprise team within Atlassian which built Bitbucket Data Center, Smart Mirroring, Backup/Restore, and Bitbucket's AWS support. His team has intimate experience with building out Bitbucket to operate at large scale and with high availability, and designed the Bitbucket Data Center infrastructure which Atlassian's own development teams use around the world. He has advised numerous large Bitbucket Data Center customers with their scale and availability needs, and continues to work with development, support, and other product teams within Atlassian to make Atlassian's Data Center products the number one choice for large Enterprises who demand scale, availability, and fast access for their global teams

Felix Haehnel

Developer, Atlassian

Felix is a developer on the Bitbucket Server Enterprise team. With members in Australia and Europe, the Enterprise team has experience with working in a distributed way, and dealing with the challenges this brings. He is part of the core team working on features such as Bitbucket Smart Mirroring, Git LFS for Bitbucket and Zero Downtime Backup.


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