Building great developer experiences: culture & tools

Happier developer teams almost always mean more effective teams that deliver more value to customers. Hear from Atlassian’s Head of Engineering, Daniel Tao and developer evangelist, Sven Peters, on how to build a great developer experience through culture and an integrated approach to your developer tools.

Software development has become more complex over the years: Building and running a distributed architecture in the cloud, ensuring observability, and keeping a healthy balance between dev speed and code quality isn’t easy. They say just be agile and practice DevOps to increase developer productivity but does that really solve the problem? Unlocking the full potential of your developer team depends on establishing the right combination of culture, rituals, and tools. That’s what this webinar is about! During this webinar we will discuss:

  • How to build a healthy and joyful engineering culture
  • How great software teams, measure and improve their developer experience
  • Approaches to coordinating work across teams and reducing wait times
  • Tips on integrating and configuring your tools to create the best possible experience

We’ll also have live Q&A


Sven Peters

Developer Advocate, Atlassian

Sven Peters, Developer Advocate at Atlassian, has been studying trends in software development for the last 15 years uncovering the cultural and technical attributes to help development teams work effectively and drive innovation. He has 20 years of experience in writing code, leading teams, and sharing his experience with thousands of developers at uncountable conferences in 25+ countries.

Daniel Tao

Head of Engineering, DevOps

Daniel Tao is the Head of Engineering for DevOps at Atlassian, leading the engineering organization responsible for developer-focused products. He has overseen initiatives at Atlassian including Bitbucket's migration from the data center to AWS, a strategic shift to supporting enterprises in the cloud, and launching a new beta product (Compass), among many others. Dan's professional experience spans a wide variety of roles at prior companies including ThoughtWorks, Google, and multiple startups across the industries of finance, entertainment, retail, and education.