Smart Mirroring: speed up distributed development with Bitbucket Data Center

Smart Mirroring in Bitbucket Data Center provides teams with swift access to their code, wherever they are in the world, by making repos available at a nearby server for increased clone and fetch performance.

Have lots of historical information in your repo? Are you storing large files or using a monolithic repo? Notice cloning taking hours? Bitbucket Data Center's Smart Mirroring drastically reduces clone times by making repos available at a nearby server, cutting clone time from hours to a few minutes. Here at Atlassian, we've seen 25x faster clone times for 5GB repos between San Francisco and Sydney using Smart Mirroring.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Benefits of Smart Mirroring in Bitbucket Data Center 4.2.0 or higher
  • How Smart Mirroring works
  • Steps for setting up a mirror to improve Git clone speeds 
  • Troubleshooting tips for installation issues 
  • How to point your CI server (Bamboo, Jenkins,...) at a mirror
  • A sneak peak of upcoming enterprise features

Come with questions – our host Roger will be available to answer them after the webinar!


Roger Barnes headshot

Roger Barnes

Senior Bitbucket Product Manager, Sydney

As a former developer, Roger's experience extends beyond building, shipping and maintaining software, into business functions including product management, operations, technical sales support, marketing, process improvement, and strategy. It is this exposure to the big picture combined with a deep technical understanding that drives him to no only product a result, but to product the right result.

Before joining Atlassian in 2013, he ran a web design business, was a key driver of software delivery and architecture for an enterprise software vendor and co-founded a tech startup in the travel industry.