Atlassian DevOps Talks- Fireside Chat with Feature Flag Partners

Join Atlassian and our partner experts as we take a deeper dive into feature flags. We will be discussing use cases, best practices and management of feature flags. Learn how feature flags help teams avoid buggy product releases, while moving faster, reducing risk, and taking a more experimentation-oriented approach to software development.

Test and measure your feature releases with confidence.

In this virtual fireside chat, join Feature Flag experts from Harness, LaunchDarkly, Split and Statsig as they share the lessons they’ve learned from implementing feature flags for development teams of all topologies, sizes, and industries.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of implementing feature flags.
  • Evaluating the impacts of using feature flags.
  • Build vs Buy- A tale as old as time.
  • What the future holds for feature flags.


Ian Buchanan

Principal Partner Engineer- DevOps (Atlassian)

Cody De Arkland

Director of Developer Relations (LaunchDarkly)

David Burrowes

Principle Software Engineer (Split)

Jiakan Wang

Enterprise Engineering Lead (Statsig)

Konr Ness

Principal Solutions Engineer, Harness