Boost productivity in Microsoft Teams with advanced features like message actions

Join us for a webinar that dives deeper into Microsoft Teams capabilities beyond chat and video calls. Learn about extended app features like message actions and cards that can boost team productivity.


Brian Feldman

Senior product manager, Halp

Brian Feldman is a Senior Product Manager at Atlassian working on the Halp product. Prior to Atlassian, Brian led product and engineering teams at several fast growing startups in the San Francisco area. He has extensive experience building SaaS offerings and integrations for IT, security, support, monetization, and developer teams. Brian is currently based in the Washington DC metro area.

Daniel Akinola

DevOps engineer

Daniel is an Amsterdam-based DevOps engineer with a degree in electronics engineering. Holding professional experiences at Netflix, Rabobank and now at EDGE Next. He spends his time focusing on the continuous integration & deployment of SAAS platforms that mainly run in the Azure cloud. Outside of work, Basketball, Oscar-nominated movies and Dj-ing keep him busy.