Atlassian Cloud: Marketplace App Availability and Security

Join this webinar to hear Atlassian’s Marketplace team and Jon Mort, CTO of Adaptavist, discuss security, reliability, and enterprise readiness among cloud apps. Plus, get the latest on Atlassian’s Cloud Marketplace growth.

When you buy an Atlassian product, you’re also getting access to a robust Marketplace of apps and integrations. Whether you’re considering migrating to cloud or extending products with apps, you’ll want to hear what we’re doing to ensure you have plenty of secure cloud apps to choose from.

Tune in to hear members of Atlassian’s Marketplace security and enterprise teams talk about what Atlassian is doing to promote cloud security and reliability on the Marketplace. Plus, hear from Jon Mort on what Adaptavist—the company behind popular apps like ScriptRunner—has in store for Atlassian Cloud customers.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Atlassian’s cloud app offering and server app availability in cloud
  • Atlassian’s cloud security initiatives and signals on the Marketplace
  • What you can expect from Adaptavist when it comes to their cloud apps



Jon Mort

CTO at Adaptavist, Platinum Marketplace Partner

Jon is the face of technology both inside and outside Adaptavist. Jon’s passion lies in using technology to transform human interactions, not replace them. Believing success is a collective endeavour, never a solo pursuit, he elevates the voice of Atlassian and Adaptavist customers to deliver the best technology experience possible.

Katarzyna Derenda

Group Product Manager, Marketplace

Kasia Derenda is a Product Lead with a strong focus on Jira extensibility. With 4 years in Atlassian working on Jira and the Ecosystem Platform and, previously, 3 years as Atlassian Marketplace Partner, Kasia enjoys helping customers and Marketplace Partners thrive with Atlassian products. She’s leading Atlassian efforts to grow server apps availability in cloud.

Jake Comito

Product Manager for Marketplace Cloud Security at Atlassian

Jake Comito is a Product Manager who focuses on programs that uplift the security of apps in the marketplace. Jake works on projects that expand the scope of the team’s critical functions, which include performing app security reviews and reporting vulnerabilities. He’s also focusing on accountability by developing systems that ensure that apps meet various security requirements, and by spotlighting apps that go above and beyond in prioritizing security.