Trello’s state of teams & cultivating a healthy work culture

Join this webinar to hear directly from Trello’s leadership team discuss the recent Atlassian “State of Teams” report. Learn how Trello has not only navigated hybrid-remote work over the past decade, but empowered millions of other teams across the globe to embrace the same mindset.




Leah Ryder

Head of Product Marketing, Trello

Leah Ryder is the Head of Marketing for Trello. She and her hybrid work team (spanning 3 countries and 5 time zones) focus on delivering teamwork thought leadership and Trello best practices for over two million teams that use Trello each month to work better, together.

Erika Storli

Product Marketing Manager, Trello Enterprise

Erika is part of the Trello Product Marketing team, eager to empower teams to manage their work in the most productive and collaborative ways on Trello Enterprise. Outside of work, you can find her exploring new cities and going on long walks with her adopted dog Benji.

Gaurav Kataria

Head of Product, Trello

Gaurav Kataria is the Head of Product at Trello, the world’s most popular and loved app for organizing work. Under his leadership, Product teams have won awards for user experience excellence and filed patents for AI algorithms. As an accomplished product leader, Gaurav is recognized as one of the top 100 influencers in the world by the HR Tech magazine.