How companies of any size collaborate with Trello

Join this webinar to learn about how companies like yours are using Trello to get more done. Hear directly from one of our Trello customers, Bodhi Solar, on how they use Trello to collaborate and stay productive.

Trello Enterprise is secure, easy to use, and scalable to teams and organizations of any size. That’s why over 2 million teams each month in 150+ countries trust Trello to power productivity and team collaboration. Find out why teams love Trello by joining us in this free webinar to learn about some Trello use cases and customer success stories. Plus, hear directly from one of our Trello customers, Bodhi Solar, a Solar CX Platform, about:

  • Why Bodhi customers use Trello as their project management software
  • Some tips and tricks Bodhi recommends to Trello users on setting up boards so teams get an incredible experience
  • A specific customer use case: West Texas Solar and why they love Trello


Katarina Brown headshot

Katarina Brown

Head of Marketing at Bodhi Solar

Katarina Brown is Head of Marketing at Bodhi, where she manages and oversees the company’s brand and helps solar installers realize the power of great customer experience. In her free time, Katarina is a member of numerous book clubs and makes unintentionally lopsided pottery. 

Cynthia Tu head shot

Cynthia Tu

Product Marketing Manager, Trello

Cynthia is part of the Trello Product Marketing team and strives to create content to help teams stay productive, collaborate effectively and get excited about Trello! Outside of work, you can find her trying out all the new restaurants in the city or doing a fun craft activity.

Erika Storli headshot

Erika Storli

Product Marketing Manager, Trello Enterprise

Erika is part of the Trello Product Marketing team, eager to empower teams to manage their work in the most productive and collaborative ways on Trello Enterprise. Outside of work, you can find her exploring new cities and going on long walks with her adopted dog Benji.