Drive enterprise agility: Demo + live Q&A with experts

Product leaders often ask: “Are we doing the right things? Are we doing the right things at the right times? Are the right things delivering the expected value?” Seems simple enough, right? But how do you know? In this webinar, we’ll show you.

Have you ever wished you had a Jira Align expert all to yourself? Well, now you (almost) do! Join us for a demonstration of Jira Align: “Drive enterprise agility with strategic portfolio management”, then stay on the line to get all your questions answered by our Jira Align experts. 

In this demo, our expert Jacques van den Berg will walk you through how integration with Jira keeps business teams informed of work status and progress toward key objectives. In this robust 22 minute demo, Jacques will show you how Jira Align enables portfolio leaders to:

  • Bridge the gap between strategy and execution
  • Visualize strategic priorities and set investment guardrails to ensure proper resource allocation
  • Track measurable progress toward desired outcomes 

Afterward Jacques and other Jira Align experts will be live for Q&A.

Come prepared with all your burning questions!

See you there!

The Jira Align team


Jacques van den Berg

Jira Align Enterprise Agile Consultant

Jacques is passionate about organizational transformation that drives innovative change founded on business agility principles. Jacques has a Master’s of Engineering in Technology and Innovation management and various certifications across the domains of enterprise architecture, project management and Agile methodologies and digital transformation strategy.