Learn why enterprises are adopting Value Stream Management

Join this webinar to learn how and why enterprises are adopting Value Stream Management and what kind of results they are seeing, based on a recent survey. The presentation will be followed by live Q&A where our experts will answer your questions about Value Stream Management.

In this encore presentation, Atlassian’s Jeff Keyes, along with Helen Beal, chair of the Value Stream Management Consortium, are interviewed by Techstrong Research’s principal Mitch Ashley. They answer critical questions and cover key findings from a recent poll on Value Stream Management adoption and results. Attendees will learn:

  • How to overcome misaligned organizational structures
  • Which data sources provide the greatest impact on VSM efforts
  • Whether having VSM integrated with your DevOps toolchain can accelerate your software innovation and transformation initiatives

Following the presentation, our experts will be live to answer all your questions about Value Stream Management.


Jeff Keyes

Head of Product Marketing, Enterprise Agility, Atlassian

Jeff Keyes is head of product marketing, enterprise agility at Atlassian, where he leads a team of enterprise agile solutions marketers and evangelists.

An accomplished executive who has been involved in almost every aspect of the software development lifecycle, including development, architecture, product management, development management, application delivery and consulting, Jeff brings his experience at Microsoft and founding and working at startups to Atlassian. A passionate evangelist of enterprise agility, Jeff has helped many organizations transition from waterfall to continuous delivery methodologies.

Jeff is a founder and board member of the Value Stream Management Consortium, where Atlassian is a new corporate member. Jeff was also a finalist for DevOps.com's 2019 Top Evangelist.

Helen Beal

Chair of the Value Stream Management Consortium

Helen Beal is chair of the Value Stream Management Consortium, co-chair of the OASIS Value Stream Management Interoperability Technical Committee, and chief ambassador at DevOps Institute. She also provides strategic advisory services to DevOps and VSM industry leaders. Helen is the author of the annual State of VSM Reports from the VSMC and the State of Availability Report from Moogsoft. She is a co-author of the book about DevOps and governance, Investments Unlimited, published by IT Revolution. She is a DevOps editor for InfoQ and also writes for a number of other online platforms.

Derek Huether

Principal Solutions Engineer

Derek Huether is a member of the Customer Success and Innovation group at Atlassian, where he designs solutions for our largest potential customers, through the use of the Atlassian platform of products and improved practices and processes. In the last 20 years, Derek has helped transform how people work at companies such as Walmart, GEICO, and Capital One and federal agencies like National Archives and National Institutes of Health.

Derek is a Delivery Management track founder for the International Consortium of Agile, which includes domains of Agile Project and Delivery Management and Delivery at Scale. He is the author of two books and over 600 online articles.