Opsgenie + Zabbix

Opsgenie's integration with Zabbix allows you to automatically sync your Zabbix alerts with Opsgenie alerts, and leverage Opsgenie's rich alert notification system, escalations, and on-call rotations.

Alert management with bidirectional Zabbix Opsgenie integration

Zabbix integration diagram
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Plan and Prepare

Prepare for incidents by setting up routing rules, teams, on-call schedules, and escalation policies in Opsgenie

Centralize and Coordinate Your Incident Response

Opsgenie can forward Zabbix alarms and incidents to collaboration tools such as: Slack, HipChat, MS Teams, and can create conference bridges to begin the process of fixing an open incident.

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Analyze Incidents and Improve your Processes

Opsgenie tracks all activity throughout the incident lifecycle and provides actionable insights for review, leading to a faster resolution the next time an incident occurs.

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Instantly Communicate with Stakeholders

Instantly communicate incidents from Zabbix to responders and stakeholders. Opsgenie creates incident status pages and sends notifications to specific individuals on-demand, or as part of a defined procedure.

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