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Atlassian Experts help deliver an incredible experience with our products. If you need a plugin built, a deployment tuned, help with setup and config, or coaching on going agile, we’ve got the expert for the job.



We have over 250 Experts worldwide dedicated to handling your specific needs around our products. Whether you need help translating documentation, providing on-site demos or training, or purchasing in your local currency – we've got the Expert for you.

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Platinum Experts

These are a select group of Experts that specialize in the full Atlassian portfolio. This group does it all, and they've been doing it for many years. Whether it's a complex Enterprise solution, a custom plugin, or deep-dive training for JIRA admins and power users – they've done it.

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cPrime is North America’s most sought after expert in Agile consulting, coaching and agile software solutions for the Enterprise. Recognized 6 years in a row as a top 50 fastest growing company. We are a proud Atlassian Platinum Partner and the 2013 Atlassian Expert Partner Rookie of the Year!

Expertise: SVN to Git migration, Custom Development, Consulting, Training, Performance Tuning, Enterprise, Managed Hosting, Installation
Products: Crowd, JIRA Agile, JIRA Portfolio, JIRA, Bitbucket, Bamboo, JIRA Service Desk, Confluence
Location: United Kingdom, United States

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Our Experts provide packaged or customized product training for Atlassian products, and coaching around development and collaboration best practices. If you want your employees to learn how to master JIRA, or understand how to move from waterfall to Agile, these Experts can help.

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Custom Development

The Atlassian Plugin Exchange features hundreds of plugins for nearly every popular commercial system. But sometimes you need something custom, unique, or specific to your needs. These Experts include some of the best plugin-developers on the planet. Give 'em a try.

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Sometimes you need a little help ironing out the plan. These experts offer a broad range of consulting services to help you define strategy, long and short-term plans, and ways to help your employees adjust to new products and approaches.

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Managed Hosting

We offer a bevy of options as part of our OnDemand platform, but you may want your own, highly customized system, and don't want to manage it yourself. These experts do that, tailoring the system the way you want it, but hosted and managed for you.

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Installation / Setup

Setting our products up might not be something you want to do yourself. No sweat. These experts can help with the installation and configuration of our products, and help with migration from any old systems you're using.

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Performance Tuning

We can't predict every situation, and you might have some unique scalability and use requirements you need addressed. These experts can help make sure the system is tuned to your needs, ready for growth and as fast as we built it to be.

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