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Atlassian Experts help deliver an incredible experience with our products. If you need a plugin built, a deployment tuned, help with setup and config, or coaching on going agile, we’ve got the expert for the job.

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Learn about the Expert Services we offer and find an Expert that meets your needs. From training, performance tuning, consulting and more.

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Need to be rescued? Contact Atlassian for an Expert. Tell us your needs and wants and we’ll find the Expert that’s right for you. 

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Do you have what it takes to be an Atlassian Expert? Join our Experts program and help other customers with all of their Atlassian product needs. 

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Atlassian Experts

We have over 250 Experts worldwide dedicated to handling your specific needs around our products. Whether you need help translating documentation, providing on-site demos or training, or purchasing in your local currency – we've got the Expert for you.

Platinum Experts

These are a select group of Experts that specialize in the full Atlassian portfolio. This group does it all, and they've been doing it for many years. Whether it's a complex Enterprise solution, a custom plugin, or deep-dive training for JIRA admins and power users.