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Atlassian and InVision integrations create a more streamlined workflow for developers, designers, product managers and their teams. Create beautiful products the whole team is proud of with these great integrations.

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How Atlassian + InVision is partnering together

Learn how we’re creating a seamless workflow for designers and developers.

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InVision for Jira

Bring your design workflow right inside the development tool your team already relies on.

Check out the latest integration highlights and resources featuring InVision and Atlassian products.

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Streamline the designer to developer handoff

The InVision and Jira integration unifies two tools that designers and developers love to use. Your teams can bring the design workflow right into Jira to make work happen from anywhere in the world.

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Bring your InVision projects into Confluence

View InVision designs inside Confluence, organize projects faster, and work from the tools you work best. Even if your colleagues sit in a different timezone, you’ll see their update in real time.

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Share your prototypes with your team to keep your work on track

Preview InVision prototypes in Trello cards, quickly access prototype comments and Inspect, and visually track your design work. Know that your work stays on track no matter where your team is located.

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